Thursday, 28 July 2011

Week 16 - Better Than Expected

Morning all on this slightly dreary day.  The gorgeous sunshine of the last few days has subsided into a light drizzle.  It's not going to spoil my mood though as I lost a pound and a half this week which is great after such a bad start.  I have now officially passed the 2 stone mark so big cheer, and maybe some fire works.

Over the last few days I have been working really hard at only eating when I'm hungry and stopping when I'm full.  I haven't always been successful but at least there was movement this week, and in the right direction.

I can't believe this is week 16, this is the longest I've lasted in years.  It's also the most I've lost in years.  There's a long way to go yet but I'm feeling pretty positive.  My average weight loss is 1.81 pounds per week which is great and completely in line with my aim of 1 to 2 pounds a week.

So I'm on holiday next week which I'm very excited about.  We are off camping.  We won't be roughing it, we've got plenty of gear including a fridge a large table and a camp kitchen which has a large two burner and grill cooker.  I'm going to miss my exercise but hopefully we'll be getting plenty of walking, and not too much snacking.....

I won't be able to blog on holiday so my next post will be Monday 8th August.
So have a great few weeks.

Luv Suz xx

Monday, 25 July 2011

PMS Strikes Back!

Morning all, I'm on a real downer today.  I had a great weekend, it was sunny and gorgeous, we went to the beach and relaxed in the garden.  Perfect...
Well not quite.  I did no exercise and we ate and ate and ate...
Yep this time the PMS got it's way...  If I don't want to put on weight this week then I'll have to get on with the exercise and be very very very good for the rest of the week.

I'm starting to think that school summer holidays are not a time to try and diet but just a time to work on staying the same weight.

This is going to be another week of totally disrupted schedule as Tom is at the gymnastics summer school from 10 to 12 every day.
Then on top of my exercise I've got to fit in shopping, that's food and Tom's school clothes/shoes.
 I've got to get the house ship shape as we are heading off on holiday next week and one of my lovely friends will be coming to feed the cat and besides it's always nice to come back to a clean and tidy house.

Still I think today in between gymnastics, exercise and food shopping, I'll sort through my wardrobe and see if I can cheer myself up.

Getting bored feeling sorry for myself now!

Hoping for a better week, see you Thursday

Thursday, 21 July 2011

End of Week 15 - We Are Not Amused!

Morning all, I'm really frustrated this morning, I've had a good week for food and I've gotten a reasonable amount of exercise but my weight has just not shifted, not one little bit.  All I really wanted was that last half pound and I didn't even get that.

At least it didn't go up....

Still this is no reason to give up.  Just have to keep on the straight and narrow and hope for a better result next week.  Sometimes this happens, doesn't mean I like it but what can you do.

Still we are half way through the summer holidays now and then I'll be back to my normal more active routine.  You would think during the summer holidays that you would be more active.  I seem to be spending lots of time hanging around watching movies, building Lego, doing crafts.  All of which are very sedentary pursuits.  It doesn't help that it's raining a lot.

Never mind, we are off Swimming today and hopefully tomorrow I can fit in a wee Salsacise.

So fingers crossed for a good week ahead.

Suz xx

Monday, 18 July 2011

Urban Workout Here I Come

Hi all, it Monday again, the start of week three of the school holidays.  Lots planned for my wee boy this week, cinema, swimming, cycling and lots of time with his friends.

As for me I'm managing to squeeze in some exercise as I go.  Not perhaps at my normal middle of the day times but at least I'm getting some.

Yesterday was a prime example. In the morning it was poring of rain so we went out to do some shopping.  By the time we got home it was lovely.  Grabbed some lunch, tried out some of our new camping gear and then thought time for a good walk.  Down came the walking.  Sun came out, took my wee boy to his swimming lesson came back, grabbed some dinner and then thought time for a good walk.  Down came the walking.

What can you do.  Time for some serious exercise instead.  I had planned to do my usual salsacise bearing in mind it was 8.30pm.  Instead I had a wee brain meltdown and thought I'd retry the Urban Workout.  Of course losing weight and being fitter does not necessary improve your co-ordination or help you get down with the fresh moves....

Anyway despite my slight hip rolling issues I had a lot of fun.  Previously I had been put off by the warmup but once I got to the actual routines there's a lot more repetition, which for me really helps. Aside from the warmup and cooldown there are three routines each getting harder than the last.  I managed the first and second but had no hope of doing the third so as I was having so much fun I headed back and redid the second to round out my hour.  You know you've had a good workout when your dripping with sweat and yet only mildly out of breath. A long shower was certainly called for.

I'll be adding this DVD to my list for regular use.  Not too bad that's three now...progress.

As for food I've been pretty good, no major slip ups but the scales will show all on Thursday.

Until then, have a good week.

Luv Suz xx

Thursday, 14 July 2011

End of Week 14

Morning all, we slept in quite a bit this morning, most likely due to the car alarm that went off near us last night at 3.30am.  Two hours before it switched off, I ended up downstairs watching the Glee Project on the Sky+.  Still I may be really tired this morning but the sun is shining and I've lost another 2 pounds.  Very very happy.... I'm now only half a pound off my two stone mark.. :0))))

I've been really good this week, got in my exercise and haven't snacked, I hope that I'm back on the straight and narrow now.  My will power seems to be kicking in a bit more and my son is settling into his summer holidays.  I even got some ironing done yesterday.

Since it's the holidays and I'm more than a little bored I have been playing with the computer and i was looking at my weight loss stats.  Over the last 14 weeks I have lost an average of 1.96 pounds a week which I think is pretty good going.

I made up this wee chart showing how things have been going.

So I'll be hoping for a good week ahead.
Have a great day, the next blog will be Monday

Luv Suz xx

Monday, 11 July 2011

Not a Bad Weekend At All

It's Monday again, how the weekends fly.  I had a nice active weekend.  On Saturday I spent  a good few hours wandering round the shops in Edinburgh and on Sunday I managed to squeeze in some Salsacise.

As for food I've been good all weekend.  Yes we were at McDonalds on Saturday at lunch time, but I had one of there Deli Wraps, only about 450 cals so no problems there.  What I need now is a good next few days and a weight loss on Thursday to buoy me up.

No exercise planned for today but I'll still need a little walking.  I really miss the walk to school.  Ok it wasn't far only 1.25 miles round trip but it was regular and lately it's been twice a day....

I'm really determined to lose weight this week, I think I'll be really despondent if I have two weeks in a row of no weight loss.

As it's the holdays I've decided to blog a little less, particularly as I seem to be rambling on about the same stuff.  Just not getting the chance to research interesting diet facts at the moment.  So I'm going to blog on Mondays and Thursdays only and I'll see how that goes...

Luv Suz xx

Friday, 8 July 2011

I'm Turning Into A Real Exercise Junkie!

I'm sooooo glad it's Friday!  One week of school summer holidays over...

Tom and I did quite a bit of walking yesterday which was great but we also made crispy cakes which wasn't so good, especially as I had a few while we sat watching A Bugs Life..

I've got my fingers crossed for exercise today, Tom is heading off to one of his friends this morning for a couple of hours so I'm hoping to slip in a wee bit of exercise.

I'm turning into a real exercise junkie, I just can't go more than a few days without it or I start to feel a little miserable.  Not sure how this will be once I go back to work. Maybe I'll have to take up my friend Morag's offer to go running in the morning (6am)....maybe not...It's more likely I'll look for a couple of Zumba classes and then do the rest of my exercise at the weekend...who knows.

Off to the shops first thing this morning, if I thought shopping by myself was difficult, shopping with a child is worse.   He's totally attracted to all the yummy snack food that I'm trying to avoid.  You know the kind the super markets have at the end of the isles on special.  Yesterday we nipped into Morrisons for some cooking Chocolate for those crispy cakes.  We came out with:

  •  Cooking Chocolate
  • 2 Packets of Angel Delight (sugar free) on special offer
  • 1 Packet of Wagon Wheels on special offer
  • 1 Box of fruit strings
  • 1 Box School Bars (A fruit bar)
  • 3 Packets of Fruit Buttons 
Yes I know at least three of these things have the word Fruit in them but it's not quite the same as eating real fruit, although it's better than sweeties.  

Well I'd better start getting ready for the day...

Have a great day

Luv Suz xx


Thursday, 7 July 2011

End of Week 13 and the Third Complete Month

That's three full months up and as predicted I didn't lose any weight this week.  Well I lost about 0.2 of a pound but I don't think that counts.  Still after three months I'm almost at 2 stone so nothing to complain about.

I finally managed to get some exercise yesterday and fortunately my husband wasn't too bothered about his dinner being son on the other hand grumped until I asked him if he wanted to have a thin mummy and then he was all encouragement. I can't tell you how much better I felt after the exercise and I had no urge to snack in the evening.

It's dry so far today so we'll definitely be heading out for a walk, I think both of us could use the fresh air, and I'd like to get a good start to this week.

Have a good day all and I'll be hoping for a better week ahead.

Luv Suz xx

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Seriously Missing My Exercise

Day 3 of the holidays and it's raining and unless they change the forecast it'll be raining right through to Monday.  :0((

Yesterday wasn't a bad day for us we got to the swimming pool, not that I got to actually swim, so no exercise there.  Did the housework but that never feels like real exercise, it's just not fun.

I'm really missing my exercise, as you'll see from my exercise list I've not done any since Sunday and I'm missing it already.  Not much chance today with all the rain and then Tom's friends are coming in the afternoon.  Maybe after they have gone I'll just have to insist that it's mum's exercise time and get out the salsacise DVD.  Tom will be delighted...NOT...

I'm just going to have to work out some way of getting my exercise in, or this is going to be a very long holiday of staying the same weight, and that's not what I want.  I'm actually doing less activity already as I'm not doing the walk to school.  OK so it's not far. 1.27 miles round trip, but twice a day that adds up...

Time to stop moaning and get a plan....

Have a great day all

Luv Suz xx

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

So Far So Least for Food

Morning all, it's Day 2 of the summer hols.  I had a somewhat harassing day yesterday.  My lovely son who is normally quite good at keeping himself entertained spent the day asking me 'what can we do now?' every 15 minutes or so.  To make matters worse he kept saying no to most of my suggestions.  On the up side it kept me very busy and I had a good food day yesterday.

One of my friends has done her son a summer holiday plan and I think I might just try this with Tom.

Today we are off swimming, sadly I won't get enough done to call it exercise so I'll need to do some salsacising later in the day.  Along with the housework.... and the ironing    :0(

Before I forget I found these really nice Ice lollies in Asda.  They are great for those who are looking for the healthier choice.

Del Monte 100% Juice Pineapple Lolly
One of your 5-a-day! Made with 100% pure pineapple gold, Del Montes sweetest pineapple. Virtually fat free and only 65 calories per stick.

Del Monte Mango Iced Smoothie Lolly 
Made from select Alfonso Mangoes with the same fantastic texture. No artificial preservatives, colours, flavours or sweeteners. Virtually fat free and only 98 calories per lolly.

We tried both of these and they definitely get the thumbs up.  Great for a really hot day...

If you have a little time today read this article on food myths it's very interesting...

Well that's me for today.
Have a great day.

Luv Suz xx

Monday, 4 July 2011

A Weekend of Freedom, And Not Very Healthy Food.

Morning all on Day 1 of the school holidays.  I'm sitting making up my shopping list for the week ahead, trying to make sure I've enough food in for my constantly hungry wee boy and hoping that I'm not going to be tempted to snack....

I've had a great weekend in one way but not so great in another.

My dad took my son away camping on Friday and we didn't get him back till Sunday afternoon.  Freedom...we took the opportunity to get loads of stuff done and you'll see from the exercise this week that I got two good days of exercise in.  Plus we went to the cinema to see the new X-Men movie, it was really good.

Now for the bad part.  We all went for Fish and Chips on Friday night down at the shore in Ayr.  Then my lovely husband and I went out for yummy curry in Edinburgh on Saturday night.  Also after having a good food day yesterday I had a bit of a snack attack later in the evening.  Checked the scales for a damage assessment this morning but they are still the same.  Big sigh of relief.

So as this is the first week of the summer hols and it's already been dominated by less that healthy food, and the chance of major exercise is extremely limited, I'm going to set my goal for this week at just trying not to put weight any loss will be a bonus and Tom and I get a chance to settle into the summer hols without too much stress.

So have a great day all.

Luv Suz xx

Friday, 1 July 2011

End of Week 12 - shot number 2

Hi all, this is the second time I'm typing this blog as the blogger programme went mental yesterday and I couldn't get it to save.  So fingers crossed today.

Anyway yesterday was the end of week 12 and I'm delighted to say I dropped another 2 pounds and I'm now well on my way to reaching that second stone.  Just 2.5 pounds to go.  :0)

I'm particularly interested in my second stone as my super generous mum had promised to take me to Pepperberry to get something.

Aztec Print Dress

Quite fancy this one, but who knows what will look good on.

I did get some great new workout stuff the other day from the Reebok store at the Livingston Designer Outlet.

  • Three quarter length leggings in stay dry fabric
  • Matching long sleeved zip up top
  • Good pair of walking trainers

All for the bargain price of £36.

I'm really getting into the walking and dancing, after the school hols I think I'll give Zumba a go.

Anyway got to get ready for the day lots to organise....

Have a great weekend

Luv Suz xx