Thursday, 13 October 2011

Stress For Weight Loss

Well I'm delighted to say I've lost two pounds this week, and I'm going to attribute it all to the stress of job hunting.  I've either been too busy to eat of feeling too nervous.

This is going to be a really short post this morning as I'm off for a job interview today and I need to get ready.  So fingers crossed and yipee I lost weight this week.....

Luv Suz xx

Monday, 10 October 2011

Dismal Dismal Dismal

Morning all, it's a very dismal day here, it's raining again, like it's done for most of the weekend.  I haven't been out for a walk all weekend.  I haven't done any other exercise either.  Mostly I've hibernated and spent the time between planning my son's birthday party and eating the things we've been making.

So it's Monday again and again I've not been great since Thursday.  See a pattern?  It's not good.  How am  I going to get through the winter continuing to lose weight if i can't even get through a few weeks of rain.

Not sure how the rest of this week is going to go, I've got too many things to do to get on with some good exercise.
Monday, shopping and ironing,
Tuesday into Edinburgh to meet some recruitment agents and buy a new suit,
Wednesday and Thursday, tidy house for mother in law arriving.
Friday more food shopping, mother in law arriving, Tom having friend over....

feeling harassed just looking at the list....

Have a good week
Suz xx

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Dieting in the Winter

Morning all, I'm a bit later than usual today as things are really busy here, so many job applications and info flying here there and everywhere and even the odd power cut.

Well I haven't lost anything this week, which I'm a bit disappointed with but then again haven't put on anything either.  You'll see from my exercise list that mostly I was walking this week, even though I had hoped to get in some more calorie burning aerobics.

I have to admit the weather is putting a serious dampener on my mood, which is not good.  In the spring and summer the world is full of lovely sunny possibilities but in autumn it's just dull and drab and mostly that's how I feel.  Most things feel like just too much effort.  Not good when applying for jobs or motivating yourself to get some exercise.

I've been chatting with my mum about dieting and exercise over the winter and how you keep up the momentum, and sadly we didn't really come to any conclusions.  I will say clearly I'm not giving up, there is no giving up, after all I'm not really on a diet as such, this is a change of lifestyle.  I would however like to keep losing weight and that seems hard to achieve at the moment.

On a plus note I did get a dress for my Christmas night out.  So it's an animal print maxi dress.  Not the sort of thing I would usually buy, I'm more a block colour kind of person but it looked good on and I felt thinner and taller wearing it so thumbs up.  If I lose any weight then the dress will only look better...yipee

That's me today, have a good week all.

Suzanne xx

Monday, 3 October 2011

Christmas Night Out

Hi all, I've had a so, so weekend.  Not been very bad, but not been very good either.  Had a wee jump on the scales this morning and predictably I'm still the same weight.  Still 3 days to go before weigh in.

In the hope of creating some motivation, my friend Ali and I organised a Christmas night out.  I'm quite excited I really like to dance, in fact with the right shoes I can dance all night.  So my mind has been turning to outfits.  I've spent some time this weekend scrolling through pages and pages of dresses on line.  I've looked at and

ASOS PETITE Exclusive Exagerated Tutu Dress

Really love this dress on ASOS but can't imagine myself in it, at least not yet, maybe Christmas next year.

Alara Dress
Really liked this one at but at £170 it's over twice what I'd want to pay.

Mostly I've come to the conclusion that I have no idea what will suit me any more.  I'm two stone lighter and now have short hair.

Think it's time for a good wander round the shops trying on a few frocks.  Good bit of motivation.

Have a good day

Luv Suz xx