Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Walking, Walking and More Walking

What a great day I had yesterday, the weather was gorgeous, I didn't eat too much and I did loads and loads of walking.

You'll note on my exercise tracker (right hand side) that I've recorded how far I walked, although that wasn't the final total(7 miles) for the day  just the faster walking in the morning.  I've found this brilliant website that you can use to track your routes and it'll tell you how far you've walked.

So now I know that from my house the round trip to school and back is roughly 1.27 miles so just doing that twice a day is great.

The website is free to use and because I'm quite sad I have to admit it's quite fun.  I spent ages last night mapping out new walking routes to see how far they were.

What I do need to do is set up a 'walking' play list for my ipod.  It's very distracting when your marching along nicely and Queen's 'Don't Stop Me Now' is replaced by Westlife singing 'When I'm with You' and your great pace stutters down to a mere amble in time with the new beat.

So while it's Summer I'm going to take advantage of the chance to get out and walk.  In fact we're walking to school this morning.

Have a great day all, enjoy the sunshine and fingers crossed for tomorrow.

Luv Suz xx

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Loving that Sunshine

Morning all, it's a lovely sunny day here in Livi.  I'm thinking a walk to school would be an excellent idea. It's funny but lovely sunny days always make me feel happy and upbeat.  I was up early this morning and actually felt awake and ready for the day.  Some lovely poached eggs are already on my plate and Tom's lunch is made and in his bag.

I'm hoping for another loss this week, maybe a pound. It's a no exercise day today but I think I'll make the most of the sunshine and go for a nice long walk after I drop Tom off.  Better put on a little sun screen. ;0)

I'm really enjoying the exercise just now.  I'm totally knackered afterwards but I always have a great sense of achievement, and I certainly feel fitter in general.  I'm going to need to feel fitter to keep up with Tom over the holidays.  I'll just need to keep his and my snacking under control.  Lots of fruit in the house... and minimal cake making.

Well I'm off for a wee cup of tea.

Have a lovely day everyone.

Luv Suz xx

Monday, 27 June 2011

The Last Week of School!

It's Monday again and this is the start of the last week of school before the holidays.  This is the end of through the day exercise while the wee man is at school.  The end of quiet food shopping.  The end of my tidy house.

Fortunately it was health week at school last week so Tom is all interested in healthy eating and exercise just now.  So I was glad to see on his list of things he'd like to do over the holidays the following:

  • Walking
  • Cycling
  • Running
  • Swimming
All of which are great.  Of course there was also the usual
  • Build Lego
  • Build more Lego
  • Play Lego games on the Wii
  • Watch TV
  • Do craft stuff
  • Have friends over
He is a kid after all.

He's also getting more used to me doing my exercise in the house, he thinks it's funny and has taken to sitting and watching and laughing. 

So I've got my fingers crossed for dry weather, as much as possible, this is Scotland after all.  Although we've both got waterproofs and a wee walk in the rain with the wellies on can be fun too.

Have a great day everyone.

Luv Suz

Friday, 24 June 2011

Eating with Chopsticks!

Hi all it Friday, the sun is shining, my son is making progress learning to cycle and I'm feeling pretty good this morning.

My husband and I have been trying to get my son onto his bike for ages, in the end we borrowed a balance bike from a friend and it seems to have made all the difference.  Last night for the first time he cycled himself...not far but it was real progress.  I'm really keen for him to learn to cycle because I think it's a great fun exercise for kids and it something the family can do together.  I love cycling and I hope with some more practice Tom and I will be able to get out during the long summer holidays.

Yesterday I read this great article about conscious eating.  The whole idea is much like Paul McKenna's method. Pay attention to what you are eating and eat slowly.  They ran a few trials and the results are quite interesting.  Well worth a read....

They also had one really good suggestion.  If you are having trouble slowing down when you are eating, try replacing your knife and fork with chop sticks.

Hoping to get in some exercise this morning, after my shopping but before collecting Tom from school, its a busy life this not working and dieting.  I'm going to try 'Dancing off the Inches' again.  Had a shot last week and I think I'm now fit enough to try the program, just need to get the coordination going...practice makes perfect.

Have a great day all.

Luv Suz xx

Thursday, 23 June 2011

End of week 11

Morning all, glad to report my headache has finally shifted.  I'd like to say it's a gorgeously sunny day but it's not, at least it isn't raining yet.

On a much much much brighter note, I lost 2 pounds this week...large fanfare, fire works etc....looks like the exercise paid off this week.  Hopefully I can settle down to a steady loss now, fingers crossed anyway.  The aim is still one to two pounds a week.

I've decided to end the trial of the Acai, it's so not working.  So I'm going to have 2 clear weeks and then try one of the others.

My final conclusions on Acai Berry,

Didn't in any way help my diet, don't waste your money.

  • No affect on appetite.
  • Didn't have extra energy
  • General health not noticeably improved
  • Weight Loss remained very average
Food Diary Wednesday

Super Fruity Shreddied Wheat and Semi Skimmed Milk
Sardines on Toast
Jaffa cake bar
Minty Lamb Koftas on Pitta Bread with Salad
More Grapes

So todays plan is housework and more ironing, I'm having a day off exercise but hopefully I'll get a walk to school this afternoon.

Have a great day all

Luv Suz xx

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Still hating PMS

It's Wednesday now and my head still hurts, this is starting to get ridiculous.  I did some exercise yesterday and for the hour of salsaing and the hour after I felt fine.  Then it slowly started to seep back.  Don't think the weather is helping, yesterday was the longest day and it was so dull and wet.  Where is my summer?

The PMS, and stress of my husband trying to move jobs, got to me eventually and I caved and had a large piece of Apple and Cinnamon cake.  I'm hoping that all my exercise this week will be enough to help me lose some weight, that would really cheer me up.

Was chatting with my mum last week about the stages of a diet and I'm through the early high lose, strong will power stage and seem mired in the really hard slog stage.  It's still not natural and my will power just isn't cutting it at the moment.  Just got to keep persevering till it becomes more normal. No one said this was going to be easy and if it seemed so early on well it's certainly not now...

PMS just makes it all the more difficult.....

Food Diary

Golden Syrup flavoured Porridge
Chicken Salad with olives and a little feta
Mid Afternoon Stress induced/PMS snack
Large Piece of Apple and Cinnamon Cake

So, fingers crossed for tomorrow and lets hope the PMS and headache wear off today.

Have a great day.

Luv Suz 

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

I Hate PMS

Morning all, just a short post today as I have a splitting sore head.  I really hate having PMS.  I'm totally grumpy, feeling quite bloated and I may just kill for chocolate today.

Seriously thinking about going back to bed after I drop Tom at school, but I have a mountain of ironing that needs done.  I'm hoping a little exercise later might cheer me up.

On a brighter note Bellsquarry Primary School Sports Day went off without a hitch yesterday.  It was a lovely bright afternoon.  It certainly wasn't sports day as I remember but Tom had lots of fun never the less and he's not sporty or particularly competitive.

Food Diary for Yesterday

Super Fruity Shreddied Wheat and Semi Skimmed Milk
Coronation Chicken Sandwich
Salmon and Broccoli Lasagne (really very nice)
2 squares of Green & Blacks

Well that's all my head can take today.

Have a great day..

Luv Suz  xx

Monday, 20 June 2011


Hi all it's Monday yet again, what happened to my weekend.  

On Saturday my mum and dad came for lunch, which was really nice, once they had gone my mind turned towards the Bellsquarry Primary School Mum's end of term night out.

What a great night.  We were served by the Cocktail Queen. Now I'm not a big drinker, anymore.  There were three gorgeous generously sized cocktails.  Then it was onto the spirits after that and that was 3 vodka and Cokes.  Then there was the food, lots of lovely delicacies made by the mums.  I'd given myself a free pass from the diet for the night and as I was slightly merry I tucked in with everyone else. It was a great night, lots of chat and laughter so a big thank you to the organisers.  I have to admit I did not wear my dress as I did feel so much more comfortable in my jeans/top.  I'll post some photos in a few days.

Sunday was another matter altogether, my lovely husband let me have a lie in even though it was Fathers Day.  When I did wake up, about 8.30, my head was screaming at me.  Now six drinks may not seem a lot to the hardened drinkers among you but try not drinking for 9 months and then see how you get on.  I was really in need of getting some exercise done but there was no way I was going to be doing the Salsa.  After a quick breakfast Patrick decided what I really needed was some fresh air so we set off for a walk, and that was the entirety of my exercise for the weekend.  Even later in the day all I really felt was too tired.

So it's Monday now and I've got three days again to get the diet back onto schedule and now I have PMS so I'm super grumpy and retaining water.  Still it's exercise today and I'm looking forward to it. It's also health week at school for my son and hopefully if the weather holds Sports Day today.

This is the third week I've been taking the Acai Berry and I can honestly say it's not helping at all.  Only one more week and then I'll try something one of the other two.

Food Diary for the Weekend

Bowl of Golden Syrup Porridge (very filling at only 216 cals including semi skimmed milk)
Cheese Omlette
Snack a Jacks
Ravioli in Pesto
Mini Magnum

2 poached eggs on toast
Potato wedges, low fat dip, salad
Mid afternoon hunger
Snack a jacks
Mums night out, food and pass from the diet

Slice of Apple and Cinnamon Cake
Ravioli in Pesto
Roast Chicken, Roast Potatoes lots and lots of Veg

Well I better get on or we'll never be ready for school.

Have a great day everyone.

Luv Suz

Friday, 17 June 2011

Friday and the Weekend

Morning all, it's a nice sunny day here and I'm just waiting on my porridge to finish so I can grab a good breakfast this morning.  I'm going to be working really hard at being good today and over the weekend as these are the times I've been slipping.

No real exercise planned for today but I'm hoping it'll be nice enough to walk to school this afternoon.  Won't be walking this morning as I'm off to the dentist.  Feeling a little tense about that but I think a nice warm filling breakfast will help settle my butterflies.

If you look to the right you'll see I've added a section tracking my exercise for the week.

I'll certainly be needing some good exercise on Saturday as it's the mum's night out on Friday and there's going to be cocktails and nibbles.  I'll be trying my best to avoid the nibbles by having a lovely filing dinner of Sushi before hand.
No plans yet for Sunday but who knows what the weekend will bring.

Food Diary for Yesterday

Bowl of Super Fruity Shreddies with Semi Skimmed Milk
2 Poached Eggs on 2 slices of Toast
Petite Fillou Yoghurt
Chicken Chow Mein

Not too bad.

Have a great weekend everyone

Luv Suz xx

Thursday, 16 June 2011

End of week 10

End of another week, and this week I lost a grand total of nothing.  It's not surprising as I had four days of over eating and only three days of being good.  Still I think I've gotten over the snacking for the moment so fingers crossed for a better week ahead.

My shopping trip on Tuesday had the desired effect, while there were a lot more clothes that were in my size, not all that many of them actually fitted.  I really have to make some progress on my upper spare tyre as I looked pregnant in some of the clothes.  You know the ones, gathered under the chest, then loose and floaty.  Also I'm looking forward to getting into more Petite collections as they used to fit best.

I'm not really sure what I'm wearing to the mum's night out, the camp seems split between cocktail dresses and jeans/nice tops.  I've found a suitable top in my wardrobe and last night with the help of my lovely husband I settled on a cocktail dress.  The dress is a little on the big side but with a few well placed safety pins you'd never know.  Also the events at night and we're all slightly bigger then.  I'll make sure and get some pictures either way.

Food Diary for Yesterday.

250ml glass of fruit smoothie
Bowl of Super Fruity Shreddies with Semi Skimmed Milk
Smoked Mackerel Salad with lots of raw veg, a small bread roll and olives
Small home made Anchovy Pizza
2 squares Green & Blacks ‘Maya Gold’

Not too bad.

A small mention before I go:

Congratulations to my mum who's joined me on the get a new healthy lifestyle push.  She's been at it for over a week and is doing really well.  Like me she's doing the Paul McKenna thing and getting lots of exercise as well.  Big thumbs up...

Have a great day everyone and her's hoping for a better week.

Luv Suz xx

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Chocolate or Exercise for Stress

Hi all, it's stress central in my house right now, my husband is trying to move jobs, who knew it could be so much hassle.  

Usually when I'm stressed out I'd be reaching for the chocolate.  Lots and lots of chocolate to help smother the stress.  In the short term it sure makes you feel better but it doesn't last long, and then 'OMG I've just eaten a giant bar of chocolate.'  

My husband on the other hand deals with stress quite differently.  After a hellish day yesterday he went out cycling, he says it makes him feel better.  So I gave it a try yesterday, popped Tom off to bed, Patrick out cycling and then did the Salsacise.  

I have to say it was hard going, and after it I mostly felt really tired but I did sleep really well which is something that normally gives me a problem when I'm stressed.  Even better there was no 'OMG I've just eaten a giant bar of chocolate' guilt.

Food Diary for Yesterday

250ml glass fruit smoothie
Bowl of Super Fruity Shreddies with Semi Skimmed Milk
2 Poached eggs on toast
Pork with Apples, Cider & Cream
Lots of steamed Veg
3 squares Green & Blacks ‘Maya Gold’

Not a bad day.

It's weigh in day tomorrow and with my poor form from Thursday to Sunday it's fingers and toes crossed this week.

Have a great day.

Luv Suz xx

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Love that Sunshine

Morning all, it's a lovely sunny day here and I'm looking forward to a nice walk to school today with my son.  Then it's off to the shops for a good wander and some clothes trying.  I really need something for the mums night out but I'd like something I could wear again before it no longer fits..I'm so optimistic...

Yesterday went very well, I was really good all day, lets hope I can keep it up today.

My food for the day was:

Salad including, mini pitta bread, olives, feta, hummus & lots of fresh veg
Brie and Tomato tart with side salad & olives

I'm pretty sure this covered my 5 a day.
The food diary really helped focus my mind on healthy choices, it seems I'll need a lot more practice before this becomes more natural.  The urge to reach for the giant bag of cheese puffs is still strong.  Fortunately my love of chocolate seems to be fading.

As for the Acai berry, so far I'm concluding that for diet purposes, don't waste your money.  Weight loss has been normal, my appetite has certainly not been suppressed, can't even say the detox element is making me feel better.  Still a couple of weeks left but I'm not expecting any sudden changes.

Have a good day everyone

Luv Suz xx

Monday, 13 June 2011

This is How Diets Can Just Fade Away!

Morning all, it's Monday again and this Monday I'm feeling a little annoyed with myself.  I seem to have gotten into the habit of not being so good on Thursday and Friday and then making it up the rest of the week.  Well it's spreading to the weekend.  This is how diets can just fade away and I'm not standing for it..... It's not that the weight isn't coming off but it's a slippery slope...

It's back to basics time.

I'm going to keep a food diary for the next few weeks.  It's funny how the thought of having to write down a snack puts you off eating it.  No one wants to admit when they've done something they shouldn't.

I had a long chat with my mum, she's always full of good advice and she knows me inside out.  We were discussing what happens when you have a day where everything goes all to hell and you just eat and eat and eat.  In that case you just pick yourself up and write off that day and probably that week, forgive yourself and move on.  What happens when it's not one really bad day but a succession of not quite so good days, what then.

Off to the Shops.

So on Tuesday I'm going off to the shops, there's a dual purpose, I'm treating myself to a top for the mum's night out and shopping tends to make me a little unhappy as things don't fit properly.  Not a reach for the chocolate unhappy but an I'm going to do something about this not happy.  Lets hope....

Failing that it'll be time for another picture, I'm not remotely photogenic and the extra weight makes it worse  I hate having my picture taken but a picture is a good way of seeing what you really look like...time to face the truth...there's a long way to go.

Have a good day everyone, I'll be trying too..

Luv Suz xx

Friday, 10 June 2011

Metabolism and the Dieter

Morning all, Friday again and I've been doing a little research after reading an article about how you shouldn't diet but instead aim to increase your metabolism.

So what is metabolism. Well it's a very complicated chemical process that the body goes through in order to survive but for our purposes lets say it's the rate at which our bodies burn off calories.  We all have something called a Basal Metabolic Rate and this is measured by the number of calories your body would burn if you were still all day. So the more calories your body burns off just at rest the more weight you can lose.

Here are a few ways (read the same things at least 10 times so I'm not giving a source list) to increase your metabolic rate.

  • Build More Muscle - the sure fire way to increase your metabolism significantly.  Every pound of muscle burns 6 cals a day just to maintain itself, a pound of fat only burns 2 cals.
  • Do Aerobic Exercise - this will temporarily(can be hours) increase your metabolism, the more intensive the exercise the bigger and the longer the increase.
  • Drink more Water - Your body needs water to process calories, if you dehydrated your metabolism can't work as efficiently
  • Avoid Crash/Low Cal Diets - If you fall below your Basal Metabolic Calorie intake on a regular basis your body will think you are starving (you'll know because you'll feel hungry) and it slows down you metabolism in order to extend it's life, in addition it'll start by burning up muscle before it even touches your fat stores.

other weirder suggestions

  • Eat more protein - your body burns more calories digesting protein that in does digesting Carbs.  (you still need a balanced diet and your body does require carbs to work efficiently)
  • Eat more Spicy foods - again this is harder for our bodies to digest and it burns more cals
  • Drink Icy Water - your body has to warm this water to funnily enough body temp and doing this burns more calories
  • Drink Green Tea - apparently drinking 2 cups of this will increase your calories burning by around 50 cals a day.

I also read that you need breakfast in the morning to kickstart your metabolism for the day and that your metabolic rate is higher in the morning and tales off through the day.

So top tips...

Get to the gym and pump some iron
Eat a good sized breakfast
Consider exercising shortly before eating a potentially high calorie meal
Don't snack in the evening it's going straight to your hips.

With that last thought have a great weekend
Luv Suz xx

Thursday, 9 June 2011

End of Week 9

Yipee I'm now 13 something.... well 13st 13 to be specific but still 13 something, very happy.  It's a 2 pound loss this week which is great.  Still moving in the right direction and heading towards my second stone and my BMI is down another point.  Now all I need is a trip to the doctors to check on the cholesterol and the blood pressure, must give them a call today.

Spent yesterday looking through some of my old going out clothes and I have to conclude that I was mostly a size 16(UK) when I was in that phase.  So nothing in my wardrobe is going to do for the mums night out, all still too small.  Although I was handed a flyer yesterday and we're not going into Edinburgh now but are having cocktails at the local cricket club, with an encouraging note suggestion we could wear cocktail dresses.  Great I thought, I've got one of those, I'm sure it'll fit again...

Well not quite.  In fact it was too big, not by much, but just enough to look wrong.  It's a lovely silk, black and white strappless 3/4 length dress.  Fitted over the bust and then it flares out, a very good shape on me.  It's the chest part that's too big, it wouldn't fall down but it's not sitting where it's suppose to either.  I even tried it with the straps on but it just didn't sit right, and to top it off my strapless bra is now also too big....  Normally I'd be jumping for joy but I love this dress.  I'm going to keep it and once I settle on a size I'll get it altered.

So I'll have to have some other thoughts for the night out, although as we are not going into Edinburgh now it'll be a lot cheaper so I might just buy something new.  I think I'll try the Livi Retail Outlet (home of cheap designer ish gear) you never know what you are going to find.....

Have a great day everyone.

Luc Suz xx

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Attack of the Munchies...

Morning all, I had a very funny day yesterday, the morning was great, got in a good walk with my mum and then as I was thinking about getting dinner done, my husband phoned to tell me he was going to be late.  Attack of the Munchies....

1 packet of Snack A Jacks
1 Cornetto
3 Oat Cakes

By Dinner time I really wasn't all that hungry so I ate half my dinner.

I was still feeling rather full so I called a good friend and we headed out for a walk.  I can't tell you how much better I felt after that.

While we were out walking we were chatting about things to wear to go out and that prompted me to have a look on the internet and to consider what I think is the kind of thing I'd wear to go out for dinner and dancing.

Here are two pictures, courtesy of NEXT, which I think show  suitable going dancing clothes.

Longline Pleat Halterneck   Purple Split Sleeve Top

Don't read too much into the purple, it's not my favourite colour, I'm more of a green person but these were the best pictures.  Both come in other colours.

It's not that I've decided to buy something as I still need to hunt through my many many clothes but if I was buying, this is what I'd have in mind....

Tomorrow is weigh in day so fingers crossed, exercise today and the dentist :0(

Have a great day

Luv Suz

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

What to Wear - it's really quite exciting...

Hi all, I had a great day yesterday, no snacking, loads and loads of lovely fruit and veg and the Salsacise has really helped the sore muscle in my back.  Even though it's a miserable damp day today I'm still feeling all happy and smiley.

In just under two weeks I'm off into Edinburgh for a school mums night out.  I'm quite looking forward to it, dinner, chat with some really great people, and best of all dancing.  I love dancing, I'm not brilliant at it but I really love it, and the cheesier the music the better, ABBA, Queen you know the stuff....

Now as a non thin person who has never had a stable weight going out can be a bit tricky in the clothes department.

If you are a thinny (lucky you) you'll not be thinking too much about what you are going to wear.  You'll just reach into your closet on the day and grab some jeans and a fab top that you've probably had for years and you'll be set.

Us fatty's usually start thinking about what they are going to wear a bit further in advance.  Off to the wardrobe we trot.  We have mountains of clothes and over half of it probably doesn't fit.  It's a long search to hopefully find something that fits and is right for the night out.

So with just under two weeks to go I thought I better have a wee thought about what to wear.  Now I don't get out dancing a lot so I'm not really sure, but I think I'm favouring a pear of jeans, a top of some sort (??????) and my strappy sandles.  The top I had in mind unfortunately, or not, is now too baggy so I'll have to search a little further.  Much to my joy I found a great pair of dark denims that I think only got worn once and even better they fit.  I'm sooooo happy.

I did come across a really nice Jasper Conran dress I got in the sale one year.  Never been worn, white and Navy stripes, low V neck , but I'm just not sure if I'm ready to leave the comfort of my jeans.  My mum is visiting today so I'll get her opinion.

Hopefully we'll also have time to search through my many other clothes to find a nice going out top, because I really don't want to buy anything.  Although I could be persuaded to have a wee trip into Edinburgh to visit the Pepperberry shop, but I fell this might be an expensive night out already.

Don't get me wrong I'm not complaining, I love trying on clothes, I like it even better now things fit better, it's really quite exciting looking to see what fits, and finding that odd little thing you'd forgotten about...

Well everyone, have a great day.

Luv Suz xx

Monday, 6 June 2011

Maybe Running Wasn't The Best Idea!

Morning all, it's Monday again and I'm going to conclude that I'm falling apart, all this exercise is hazardous stuff.

On Sunday we took my wee boy out for a lovely long walk, or that was the plan.  Trouble was he kept getting bored, so to move him along we decided to have some races along the way.  You know the kind of thing, first one to the next tree wins.  It was quite a lot of fun at first.  I haven't run in ages and I was surprised that I wasn't more out of breath.  I was a little out of breath, I am still 6 stone overweight even if I am feeling more energetic.

We were moving along quite nicely but the races were getting further and further and I was starting to get a little tired.  My son of course could hardly run for laughing or for trying to cheat and run in front of me.  It was the running in front that did it, I had to shorten my stride really quickly or I'd have gone right over the top of him, but in doing so I pulled a wee muscle between my shoulder blades.


I have Salsacise planned for today so I hope it's going to help.

On a different matter I've been taking the Acai Berry for 4 days now, so here are some observations.

  • No impact on appetite what so ever, if anything I've been struggling not to snack.
  • No massive increase in energy.
  • I did a mid week weigh in this morning and I'm still the same weight.
  • No improvement to Skin or Hair condition.
  • No weird side effects yet.

It's early days but I'd say that the sensationalist claims of losing masses of weight in a short period of time are probably not true.  There's still  3 weeks to go  so we'll see if it improves.

Have a great day everyone

Luv Suz xx

Friday, 3 June 2011

Feeling Super Happy

Morning all, it's Friday again and I'm feeling super happy this morning.  Maybe it's because the sun is shining, maybe it's because my husband told me he could really see the difference the diet was making, maybe it's because I have a plan free weekend ahead...or maybe it's all of the above.

It's supposed to be really nice here today with only a little rain, but hey this is Scotland when doesn't it rain.  I think this weekend I'll have to go through all the clothes crammed into my wardrobe and see what summer clothes I have that will fit.

I have loads of clothes, in fact it's amazing how much I've got, but probably only 15% of them fit at any one time. I've some clothes that are a size 12 right up to some size 24's. Maybe it's time for a proper clear out, get everything into order and see what I really have, get rid of the things I'd really never wear again.  That might be a good use of my time this weekend.

It's off for food shopping today then back for a quick Salsacise before dashing off to school to collect my wee  boy. Half days on Friday really cut into my getting things done, but it's a gorgeous day and he's off to see his friends this afternoon so hopefully they'll get some time running around outside in the sunshine.

Have a great day everyone and a great weekend too.
Luv Suz xx

Thursday, 2 June 2011

End of Week 8 and the start of an experiment.

Well that's 2 months gone and I'm another pound down this morning, yippee.  So even after a bad week of puddings and snacking three days of good exercise saves the day.

After having such an early rush on the pounds falling off some people, including me in the past, would be disappointed that the last few weeks have been a little on the low side. Yes I'd like to be thin as soon as possible but I guess what I really want is for this to come off and stay off.

If you go to a class for weight loss they recommend 1-2 pounds a week, if you go to the doctors they recommend 1-2 pounds every fortnight, so I'm quite happy.

No exercise today other than housework and the walk to school, my not so wee body needs a rest from the salsa.

I am going to start on an experiment.  Weight Loss pills are all over the papers and the internet but I never believe the kind of things they are promising.  I'm going to skip on the most sensationalist claims and try some of the over the counter ones that any of us can pick up easily.

My chosen subjects are..

Acai Berry 2000mg

funny that they all start with A.

The plan.

Now I'm past the initial high loss stages lets see how each of these does on a normal week to week basis.  I'm going to try each one for a month and we'll see if they make a difference, I'm not holding out much hope but lets see.  I'll be looking at weight loss results, affects on hunger and general health.  Not very scientific, I know.

So up this Month is the Acai Berry, referred to by the media as a 'Super Food' it's essentially an antioxidant but has been tauted as a weight loss aid along with a million and one other things.  If you see this advertised on the internet along with a Colon Cleanser be very wary this is apparently a scam.  I bought mine from Healthspan where I've gotten other supplements before.

So fingers crossed all and I'll let you know how it's going.

Have a great week
Luv Suz xx

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Good Reasons for Breakfast

Morning all, it's a dull day here in Livingston but I'm feeling reasonably happy, I had another good day yesterday, good food, no snacking and another hour of salsacise.

Only my sore tooth was a let down.  For the curious among you, I've been and registered with a Dentist, I've got an appointment for next week.  Think I can hang on to then, I really don't want to go to the emergency centre.

I'm having cereal for breakfast today as I've no time to make some yummy eggs, maybe tomorrow.  I used to skip breakfast but now I make an extra special effort to have some. I don't skimp on breakfast either, some cereal, some fruit a cup of tea or maybe some poached eggs on toast with some smoothie and it seems to be helping. I had a wee fish around on the internet and here are some good reasons to eat breakfast.

  • Stops you feeling ravenous and indulging in the mid morning snack attack. (I find this is true)
  • Skipping breakfast prolongs the bodies fasting and can increase the production of insulin which helps in the storage of fat.
  • Your metabolism slows down as you sleep at night and breakfast kick starts it.
  • Provides you energy right at the start of the day and studies apparently show that if you feel active in the morning you are more likely to be active during the day. (I'd agree with this as well)
  • It improves your concentration.
  • Studies indicate that if you start with a healthy breakfast you are more likely to choose healthy food during the day.  (lets hope)
So even if you are rushing out the door to work and don't have time for breakfast grab some fruit and break your fast, or just get up earlier!

Have a great day

Luv Suz xx