Thursday, 18 August 2011

End of Week 19 - a fresh start

Morning all, it's the end of another week, week 19 to be exact and I have lost 1.5 pounds this week.  Very happy with this, hopefully now my lovely wee boy has gone back to school I'll be able to get back to a nice routine of no snacking and plenty of exercise.  A good fresh start.

I've done quite a lot of exercise this week and was given a whole load of new exercise DVD's by a friend to have a go.

The best one so far is the Charlie Brooks' 'Before and After' workout.

It's loads of fun.  Nice warmup, then it's the disco section which I really enjoyed and then onto Combat.  The Combat section was amazing, I really got a great workout, totally dripping with sweat, and it wasn't even remotely complicated.  The next section is High Intensity and I have to say I tried this once and it's just too much for me at the moment.  So I went back and had another go of the combat.  Finally you get to cool down and do a little pilates or as I like to think about them, really hard sit ups.  I would highly recommend this workout it's brilliant.  Lesley, you may never get this DVD back  ;0)

Well friends I'm off to do a little light gardening today as my rear end is aching a little after yesterdays high speed 3.5 mile walk...and then I've go to pull together a CV.  Time to get on with job hunting.  :0(

Have a great day, next blog on Monday.

Luv Suz


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