Monday, 29 August 2011

Struggling to Get Back to Exercise

Morning all, I'm delighted to say it's a sunny morning hear.  It does make me feel better than all that dismal rain.

If you've been reading my blog you'll know that I've been loving the exercise.  So why is it now that I've had a small gap of no exercise am I struggling to get back in gear.  Struggling might be the word I'd apply to my whole endeavour at the moment, however giving up is not one I'll be using.

I started out quite well on Thursday, got in a good walk but with all the rain at the weekend making it hard for my wee monster to get out to play or off to the park it's been hard to get time and space to get the exercise going.  To top it off I'm all aches and pains but I think that's because I'm not exercising.

So it's Monday now, he's off to school today.  I've a little shopping to get done and then it's home and salsacise here I come.  To make things even better I've got another walk planned with a few of the lovely school mums for this evening.  Fingers crossed it doesn't rain.

On the haircut topic, I've got my appointment booked for tomorrow.  I was looking back through some old photos trying to find ones where my hair was shorter, and there were quite a few.  This makes me think that when I'm thinner and don't mind getting my picture taken as much, I also want to have short hair. As I get fatter I let my hair grow and then never want my picture taken.  Strange!  Anyway despite the fact that I'm not feeling particularly thin at the moment (getting into Size 18 clothes at the shops) I'm going to brave a short cut.

Something like this.  I've had this before and in the photos it was the short cut my husband liked best..  Obviously I don't think after it I'm going to look like the lovely Keira Knightly, I'm not that delusional.
A quick photo scan latter and here is what I will probably look like.  Only I've got more of a side parting now and I think I want a wee sweepy fringe, or maybe not..

Anyway out of time today, feeling the more positive vibe now.  More on Thursday.

Love Suz xx


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