Monday, 29 August 2011

Struggling to Get Back to Exercise

Morning all, I'm delighted to say it's a sunny morning hear.  It does make me feel better than all that dismal rain.

If you've been reading my blog you'll know that I've been loving the exercise.  So why is it now that I've had a small gap of no exercise am I struggling to get back in gear.  Struggling might be the word I'd apply to my whole endeavour at the moment, however giving up is not one I'll be using.

I started out quite well on Thursday, got in a good walk but with all the rain at the weekend making it hard for my wee monster to get out to play or off to the park it's been hard to get time and space to get the exercise going.  To top it off I'm all aches and pains but I think that's because I'm not exercising.

So it's Monday now, he's off to school today.  I've a little shopping to get done and then it's home and salsacise here I come.  To make things even better I've got another walk planned with a few of the lovely school mums for this evening.  Fingers crossed it doesn't rain.

On the haircut topic, I've got my appointment booked for tomorrow.  I was looking back through some old photos trying to find ones where my hair was shorter, and there were quite a few.  This makes me think that when I'm thinner and don't mind getting my picture taken as much, I also want to have short hair. As I get fatter I let my hair grow and then never want my picture taken.  Strange!  Anyway despite the fact that I'm not feeling particularly thin at the moment (getting into Size 18 clothes at the shops) I'm going to brave a short cut.

Something like this.  I've had this before and in the photos it was the short cut my husband liked best..  Obviously I don't think after it I'm going to look like the lovely Keira Knightly, I'm not that delusional.
A quick photo scan latter and here is what I will probably look like.  Only I've got more of a side parting now and I think I want a wee sweepy fringe, or maybe not..

Anyway out of time today, feeling the more positive vibe now.  More on Thursday.

Love Suz xx

Thursday, 25 August 2011

31.5 steps forward and 2 steps back!

Well, after a week of feeling rubbish and munching and munching and munching and doing no exercise I'm finally feeling better.  Then I stepped on the scales to access the damage done.  Arghhhhh I've put on two pounds....

Not a happy bunny.

There will be exercise today...

Off shopping to the Gyle today, helping my Mum hunt for new clothes that go with her fab new hair cut and colour...really need a haircut myself, I think it's time for a big change....

More on  Monday.....

Luv Suz

Sunday, 21 August 2011

When you feel miserable why does food seem like such a comfort?

So it's Sunday night, not Monday morning and I thought I'd get this down before I've had time to sleep on it and feel better.

I've had a bit of a miserable weekend, no one and nothing to blame, I've not been feeling great.  It started  Saturday afternoon a general feeling of rubbishness, you know, sore head no energy, grumpy and miserable, and freezing cold.  I could, and probably should, have said what the hell and got on with my exercise. Instead I retired to the nice warm conservatory with my book and some food.  Then more food and a little more food.  So just one day...or not.  On Sunday I didn't feel much better, spent the afternoon sleeping and then the evening trying to get warm and munching on food.

It's Late Sunday evening and I feel quite sick, mostly as I've hardly moved all weekend and eaten who knows how much rubbish.  So I ask myself, because I'm certainly looking for an answer.. When you feel miserable why does food seem like such a comfort?  You go to the cupboard it looks good, you eat it, momentarily feeling better but seconds after disappointment but still you do it again.  I always thought that a sure sign of stupidity was repeating the same actions again and again and expecting a different outcome.  So why, oh why is food different??? Answers on a postcard!

I'm heading off to bed now and I know that tomorrow I'll need to pick myself up and deal with this.  Serious exercise will be called for.  This was suppose to be a nice fresh start but maybe there is no fresh start, no going back to when it was easy, maybe ever pound now is a fight, a constant struggle against years and years of well formed deeply ingrained bad habit.....

On a strange note, my rubbish food of choice has not been chocolate, which is weird for me because I would have previously considered myself to be a chocolate addict.

Fingers crossed for Thursday, I'm going to need luck this week.... or maybe 10-15 hours of exercise...

Luv Suz xx

Thursday, 18 August 2011

End of Week 19 - a fresh start

Morning all, it's the end of another week, week 19 to be exact and I have lost 1.5 pounds this week.  Very happy with this, hopefully now my lovely wee boy has gone back to school I'll be able to get back to a nice routine of no snacking and plenty of exercise.  A good fresh start.

I've done quite a lot of exercise this week and was given a whole load of new exercise DVD's by a friend to have a go.

The best one so far is the Charlie Brooks' 'Before and After' workout.

It's loads of fun.  Nice warmup, then it's the disco section which I really enjoyed and then onto Combat.  The Combat section was amazing, I really got a great workout, totally dripping with sweat, and it wasn't even remotely complicated.  The next section is High Intensity and I have to say I tried this once and it's just too much for me at the moment.  So I went back and had another go of the combat.  Finally you get to cool down and do a little pilates or as I like to think about them, really hard sit ups.  I would highly recommend this workout it's brilliant.  Lesley, you may never get this DVD back  ;0)

Well friends I'm off to do a little light gardening today as my rear end is aching a little after yesterdays high speed 3.5 mile walk...and then I've go to pull together a CV.  Time to get on with job hunting.  :0(

Have a great day, next blog on Monday.

Luv Suz

Monday, 15 August 2011


So I've only one day to go and my wee boy goes back to school...yipeeee, back to normality.

Still, so far this week I've managed to get in a fair amount of exercise.  So why oh why when I had a wee fly mid week jump on the scales is my weight still the same.

Really really frustrated, I've been good, and done the exercise...but no movement.

Three days to go and more exercise to do, even one pound or half a pound would do.

On the upside everyone keeps telling me how much thinner I look.  In general I feel a lot thinner.

Then I saw the picture my brother had taken of me.  I'm going to print it out and stick it on the door where the snacks are.  Maybe on the fridge too, maybe on every door in the kitchen. There would be nothing more likely to put me off eating than this picture.  There you are just feeling so much thinner thinking this is great and then BLAM a very unflattering beached whale picture.  Just to remind you that there is still lots to go...

Have a great day everyone.

Suz xx

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Time for a refresher..

Morning all this is the end of week 18, I can't believe I've lasted this long.  School holidays are just about over now, thank goodness as I've lost nothing since Saturday.  Not surprising as we have been hanging around a lot this week and that just makes me want to nibble.

So as normal service is about to resume I thought I'd have a wee recap on why I'm doing this.. so for you and me here is the list.

  • Fed up being the short and round mum at the school gate. (still feeling round)
  • I want to be petite not short.
  • I want to be able to shop everywhere without wondering if they have my size. (getting there)
  • No more heartburn. (haven't had heartburn since I started :0))
  • I want to be able to run. (no progress there but the aerobic exercise is fab fun)
  • I don't want to be out of breath chasing after my son. (making good progress)
  • I want my wedding ring and engagement ring to fit properly again. (nearly there)
  • I want to have more energy and be less tired.(definite improvement)
  • I don't want to worry about work events containing things I can't do or feel uncomfortable doing.
  • I want to feel attractive and more self confident.
  • I want to set a good example for my son.(if only he'd follow it)
  • I want to feel in control.
  • I want to go shopping with friends without feeling self conscious.
  • I want to go to Zumba without worrying about having a heart attack.
  • I want to go swimming without looking like a beached whale or a walrus.
  • I want to get my Christmas outfit from the Karen Millen discount shop(£40ish) rather than having to go to Monsoon (£100ish).
  • I want to reduce my risk of diabetes, heart attacks, strokes..etc
  • I want to lower my blood pressure without drugs. (excellent progress on this one)

So now we know why lets talk about how.

I'm following the Paul McKenna method
  1. Eat what you want
  2. Only eat when you are hungry
  3. Stop when you are full

My increased exercise plan is now
1hr aerobic exercise or a 3.5 mile walk 3 to 4 times a week

So seems simple.  

I love the exercise and the eating shouldn't be hard, but I've been letting myself get bored over the holidays and that has lead me to nibbling.  I hate nibbling, it's not satisfying and it just leaves you feeling guilty.  Still come Tuesday the summer holidays are over.  No more hanging around, lots more walking to school (if it ever stops raining), lots more housework and best of all, real time for exercise.....

So role on Tuesday, and if you are a Bellsquarry Primary School mum, it'll be time to get started on the health kick you've been promising yourself so we can all fit into something nice for a Christmas night out this year.

Luv Suz xx

Monday, 8 August 2011

Back From Holiday

Hi all, that's my holiday over and it wasn't quite the walking fest we had hoped for but it was very very relaxing.
 A Day at RHS Harlow Carr

Our Tent - just up!

Cooking with the camp kitchen wasn't too bad except when it rained, we made pasta, chilli, rice, etc.  I have to admit we did snack a bit but not too much and I'm delighted to say that when I weighed myself on Saturday morning I had lost 1 pound.  For a holiday that's great as I usually expect to put on a few pounds.

So this is Tom's last week of school holidays and then it'll be back to a more normal routine.  The time has gone in quite quickly but I'm really looking forward to getting back to some normality.  Walking to school, food shopping in peace and time for undisturbed exercise or some nice walking.  Sounds great, just one week to go.

Still I'm going to try and squeeze in some good exercise this week as I'm feeling a little stiff from doing so little over the holiday.

Back on Thursday for weigh in day..fingers crossed..

Luv Suz xx