Thursday, 11 August 2011

Time for a refresher..

Morning all this is the end of week 18, I can't believe I've lasted this long.  School holidays are just about over now, thank goodness as I've lost nothing since Saturday.  Not surprising as we have been hanging around a lot this week and that just makes me want to nibble.

So as normal service is about to resume I thought I'd have a wee recap on why I'm doing this.. so for you and me here is the list.

  • Fed up being the short and round mum at the school gate. (still feeling round)
  • I want to be petite not short.
  • I want to be able to shop everywhere without wondering if they have my size. (getting there)
  • No more heartburn. (haven't had heartburn since I started :0))
  • I want to be able to run. (no progress there but the aerobic exercise is fab fun)
  • I don't want to be out of breath chasing after my son. (making good progress)
  • I want my wedding ring and engagement ring to fit properly again. (nearly there)
  • I want to have more energy and be less tired.(definite improvement)
  • I don't want to worry about work events containing things I can't do or feel uncomfortable doing.
  • I want to feel attractive and more self confident.
  • I want to set a good example for my son.(if only he'd follow it)
  • I want to feel in control.
  • I want to go shopping with friends without feeling self conscious.
  • I want to go to Zumba without worrying about having a heart attack.
  • I want to go swimming without looking like a beached whale or a walrus.
  • I want to get my Christmas outfit from the Karen Millen discount shop(£40ish) rather than having to go to Monsoon (£100ish).
  • I want to reduce my risk of diabetes, heart attacks, strokes..etc
  • I want to lower my blood pressure without drugs. (excellent progress on this one)

So now we know why lets talk about how.

I'm following the Paul McKenna method
  1. Eat what you want
  2. Only eat when you are hungry
  3. Stop when you are full

My increased exercise plan is now
1hr aerobic exercise or a 3.5 mile walk 3 to 4 times a week

So seems simple.  

I love the exercise and the eating shouldn't be hard, but I've been letting myself get bored over the holidays and that has lead me to nibbling.  I hate nibbling, it's not satisfying and it just leaves you feeling guilty.  Still come Tuesday the summer holidays are over.  No more hanging around, lots more walking to school (if it ever stops raining), lots more housework and best of all, real time for exercise.....

So role on Tuesday, and if you are a Bellsquarry Primary School mum, it'll be time to get started on the health kick you've been promising yourself so we can all fit into something nice for a Christmas night out this year.

Luv Suz xx



I can feel that visit to Pepperberry's coming on. Well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mum

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