Sunday, 21 August 2011

When you feel miserable why does food seem like such a comfort?

So it's Sunday night, not Monday morning and I thought I'd get this down before I've had time to sleep on it and feel better.

I've had a bit of a miserable weekend, no one and nothing to blame, I've not been feeling great.  It started  Saturday afternoon a general feeling of rubbishness, you know, sore head no energy, grumpy and miserable, and freezing cold.  I could, and probably should, have said what the hell and got on with my exercise. Instead I retired to the nice warm conservatory with my book and some food.  Then more food and a little more food.  So just one day...or not.  On Sunday I didn't feel much better, spent the afternoon sleeping and then the evening trying to get warm and munching on food.

It's Late Sunday evening and I feel quite sick, mostly as I've hardly moved all weekend and eaten who knows how much rubbish.  So I ask myself, because I'm certainly looking for an answer.. When you feel miserable why does food seem like such a comfort?  You go to the cupboard it looks good, you eat it, momentarily feeling better but seconds after disappointment but still you do it again.  I always thought that a sure sign of stupidity was repeating the same actions again and again and expecting a different outcome.  So why, oh why is food different??? Answers on a postcard!

I'm heading off to bed now and I know that tomorrow I'll need to pick myself up and deal with this.  Serious exercise will be called for.  This was suppose to be a nice fresh start but maybe there is no fresh start, no going back to when it was easy, maybe ever pound now is a fight, a constant struggle against years and years of well formed deeply ingrained bad habit.....

On a strange note, my rubbish food of choice has not been chocolate, which is weird for me because I would have previously considered myself to be a chocolate addict.

Fingers crossed for Thursday, I'm going to need luck this week.... or maybe 10-15 hours of exercise...

Luv Suz xx



Hi Suz, I am in the same boat here! After wolfing down a couple of woopie cakes and jumbo bag of chilli crisps I looked at the calorie/fat content and note that it will take a hike up Everest to work off. Seen something called a Graze box in my mag and will be trying (code - LOOKFREE) lets you try a box for free. Loads of healthy nibbles which I am hoping will keep me off the bad stuff. You get a box delivered which has 4 healthy snacks of mixture of dried fruits, crackers, nuts and even seen olives mmm. Website is

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