Thursday, 15 September 2011

Arghhh Still Ill.....

Really getting fed up, I'm still ill.  So this week I was hoping to stay the same but I can sadly report this is not the case.  I have put on two pounds.  I just can't seem to making any headway on moving from two stone (28 pounds) to three (42 pounds).

So what's happened this week?  It's quite simple really.
I've been too ill to do any exercise.
I've been feeling really miserable and have been comfort eating.
I'm bored and have been eating for that too.

I really wanted to be feeling better today but instead my cold is now a sore throat.  I did however manage to walk to school yesterday and pick up my son and I'm contemplating a walk to school this morning.  I have a real case of cabin fever at this point.

As for the eating, while I have been over eating it's still different from when I was a total fatty.
I used to just grab a giant bag of crisps and a huge bar of chocolate from the supermarket and wowf in.  Now I'm wandering aimlessly through the supermarket searching for that one food that will make me feel better.  As if such a thing existed.
That is partly my problem.  I didn't find anything good so instead I came home and was searching through the snack cupboard.  Tried a bag of wotsits, didn't work.  Tried a Tunnock's caramel wafer, not bad but not quite right.  The thing is, no bit of food is going to make me feel better so I just keep eating and eating with no result....and before long I've polished off four of five snacks and am now feeing somewhat sick but still just as miserable and ill.

Today I'm going to do a little light housework, finish off some of my beading tasks, pictures later, and try not to eat except when I'm hungry.

Have a good day everyone.


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