Monday, 26 September 2011

Walking Walking and More Walking

Morning all, I'd like to say I'm all better now and absolutely brimming with energy but that would be a lie.  I am better, but still not well enough to salsacise or do any serious aerobic exercise.  So this will be walking week.  The weather has picked up and the forecast for the week is bright with very little rain, at least so far.  It's walk to school week as well so this seems like a good chance to get in lots of walking.

Not a great weekend for food, out on Friday night for a handbag party.  Loads of fun and great chat, some wine and food, reasonably  late night.  This left me feeling tired and listless on Saturday so there was a little munching and then chocolate truffle roulade at night.  Hang my head in shame.  Yesterday wasn't too bad we headed out for a lovely walk in the morning, only to find ourselves ankle deep in mud in Bellsquarry Woods.  We then decided to collect some Brambles and a few apples from the Orchard, this sadly led to gorgeous home made bramble and apple scones.

Today is a new day and after all that my best hope for Thursday is to keep my weight stable.

So a question...

Why can't I get myself into the healthy lifestyle when I'm not able to do aerobic exercise?

I have noticed that on days where I exercise I find it much easier to resist eating when I'm not hungry.

Have a great day everyone and fingers crossed for Thursday.

Luv Suz xx


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