Thursday, 21 April 2011

End of week 2

Yipee made it to the end of week 2 and I'm please to say I've lost 3 pounds. I'm doing a merry little jig in my seat as I type. Right now I love Paul McKenna, still there is a long long long way to go.

It's been a challenging old week.  Firstly the schools are on holiday so I'm totally out of my usual routine and my time isn't quite my own. Second I've been to both McDonalds and yesterday a surprise visit to Pizza Express, more about that in a minute.  Finally the dreaded PMS has probably caused me the most issues and I've probably still another day of it to go.

So Pizza Express

As a little surprise my lovely husband took my son and I to Pizza Express last night.  After a little research this is what I found.

Pizzas go between 740 and 1150 Kcals
Ceaser Salad 730 Kcals, not much better than my usual Pizza (Four Seasons 746 Kcals)

What I did have came from the Legera range.  These are approved of by weight watchers (13-16 points)
They are all about 500Kcals with less than 5g saturated fat.
I had the Mare e Monti which is the one  below.

It's a lot smaller than their usual pizzas which is good and the centre is removed and filled with rocket and other salad leaves.  It was very nice and I felt very full but not overly stuffed after I finished it.

Now it's onto week three, schools don't go back till Tuesday but at least the PMS can't last so things are looking up.

Have a great day
Luv Suz xx



Well done for week two. And now to week three!

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