Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Paul McKenna and the Death of the Roast Dinner

Hi everyone, it's a lovely day here and I'm feeling all nice and optimistic today.  I had a great day yesterday, no snacking and 30 mins+ of aerobic exercise. So far which is since last Thursday when I actually started this I have been finding the Paul McKenna method not too bad....

I love and hate Paul McKenna!!

general principles
1. Eat what you want
2. Only eat when you are hungry
3. Stop when you are full

So simple

things to help
1. Chew slowly
2. put your cutlery down in between mouthfuls

But I've tried PM before and it didn't last and here is why...

Chewing slowly really lets you taste the food you are eating.  Great you may think but I used to love mashed potatoes and now I never eat them.  If you chew mash slowly there really isn't that much flavour (unless of course you have added, butter, salt maybe a little cheese).  Mash became really unapetising.

Sunday dinners are my favourite meal of the week and here comes the biggest issue.  Stop when you are full!!!  It's amazing how little food it takes to fill you up. Less that half of my Roast Dinner, and believe me my husband makes a killer Roast Dinner.  It was quite torturous looking at all the lovely roast potatoes still there and knowing that I was already full and had to stop.

Fortunately it's heading for Summer and my son has his swimming lessons on Sunday afternoon so not much chance of any roast dinners for a good while.

On the plus side raw vegies and fruit are amazing when really savoured.

Going to stop rambling now, have a good day all, and happy 'lifestyle changing'.

Luv Suz



Another few days of your posting and I will HAVE to join you. Hugz, Janice

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