Friday, 22 April 2011

An ideal Weight

Friday at last although I'm not sure why I'm happy about that as both my husband and son have been off all week for Easter so the weekend won't be any different.  Except that it's Easter and my house will now contain some chocolate eggs for my son.  Patrick (my husband) and I are both abstaining.

Last night Patrick asked me what my ideal weight would be and this got me thinking so I looked for a few websites and came across this one.

Now it is American but it's still relevant.

Here are my results

The peoples choice, which is based on a survey of people your age, height and gender
149 pounds or 10st 9  seems a lot.

Medical Recommendation based on a BMI of 16-25
102 -134 pounds or 7st 4 - 9st 8  way more realistic.

I remember being 9.5st (UKclothes Size 12-14) and I didn't feel that thin although this time that might feel really thin, at least in comparison to my current sense of giant walrus or beached whale!

Usually on a diet I'd have a look at how far away I am from my ideal, calculate the number of weeks based on 2 pounds a week and then find the date I'd be done.  This time I'm not going to do that.  As long as I keep going I'll get their eventually and changes of lifestyle are not suppose to end, only diets end!

Have a great day everyone

Luv Suz xx


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