Monday, 25 July 2011

PMS Strikes Back!

Morning all, I'm on a real downer today.  I had a great weekend, it was sunny and gorgeous, we went to the beach and relaxed in the garden.  Perfect...
Well not quite.  I did no exercise and we ate and ate and ate...
Yep this time the PMS got it's way...  If I don't want to put on weight this week then I'll have to get on with the exercise and be very very very good for the rest of the week.

I'm starting to think that school summer holidays are not a time to try and diet but just a time to work on staying the same weight.

This is going to be another week of totally disrupted schedule as Tom is at the gymnastics summer school from 10 to 12 every day.
Then on top of my exercise I've got to fit in shopping, that's food and Tom's school clothes/shoes.
 I've got to get the house ship shape as we are heading off on holiday next week and one of my lovely friends will be coming to feed the cat and besides it's always nice to come back to a clean and tidy house.

Still I think today in between gymnastics, exercise and food shopping, I'll sort through my wardrobe and see if I can cheer myself up.

Getting bored feeling sorry for myself now!

Hoping for a better week, see you Thursday


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