Monday, 18 July 2011

Urban Workout Here I Come

Hi all, it Monday again, the start of week three of the school holidays.  Lots planned for my wee boy this week, cinema, swimming, cycling and lots of time with his friends.

As for me I'm managing to squeeze in some exercise as I go.  Not perhaps at my normal middle of the day times but at least I'm getting some.

Yesterday was a prime example. In the morning it was poring of rain so we went out to do some shopping.  By the time we got home it was lovely.  Grabbed some lunch, tried out some of our new camping gear and then thought time for a good walk.  Down came the walking.  Sun came out, took my wee boy to his swimming lesson came back, grabbed some dinner and then thought time for a good walk.  Down came the walking.

What can you do.  Time for some serious exercise instead.  I had planned to do my usual salsacise bearing in mind it was 8.30pm.  Instead I had a wee brain meltdown and thought I'd retry the Urban Workout.  Of course losing weight and being fitter does not necessary improve your co-ordination or help you get down with the fresh moves....

Anyway despite my slight hip rolling issues I had a lot of fun.  Previously I had been put off by the warmup but once I got to the actual routines there's a lot more repetition, which for me really helps. Aside from the warmup and cooldown there are three routines each getting harder than the last.  I managed the first and second but had no hope of doing the third so as I was having so much fun I headed back and redid the second to round out my hour.  You know you've had a good workout when your dripping with sweat and yet only mildly out of breath. A long shower was certainly called for.

I'll be adding this DVD to my list for regular use.  Not too bad that's three now...progress.

As for food I've been pretty good, no major slip ups but the scales will show all on Thursday.

Until then, have a good week.

Luv Suz xx


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