Friday, 29 April 2011

Happy Royal Wedding Day

Hi all it's Friday again and this time it's the royal wedding.  Street parties, food, cakes, tea, booze etc.. Not in my street though.

Instead we are off for a lovely day at the Dawyk Botanic Gardens near Peebles.

It's laid out on a hillside so it's all good calorie burning walking in beautiful scenery.
We'll be having a picnic lunch about halfway up the hillside.

Sandwiches, probably tuna mayo (light mayo)
Crisps or something similar.

They've got a really nice coffee shop in the visitors centre and they always have lots of lovely home baking which I'll be trying to avoid.  :0(  Of course if I'm hungry then I might have a wee something with my cup of tea.

We had home made Pizza (bases and everything) last night, I tried the Lighter Mozzarella (ASDA) and I didn't notice a difference.

Here's the stats per 100g

Lighter Mozzarella 188kcals and 8g saturated fat
Normal Mozzarella 245kcals and 13g saturated fat.

Not a bad saving in calories and fat.  I'm not counting but it's sensible to look for healthier options as long as the taste isn't compromised.

Have a great day everyone, however you are spending it.

Luv Suz

Thursday, 28 April 2011

End of week Three

Morning all, it's a gorgeously sunny day in Livingston again and I'm feeling very pleased with myself.  This week I've lost an unbelievable 4 pounds.

I'm quite surprised considering that on Monday evening I had fish and chips from the chip shop in Ayr.  I've had rhubarb crumble for pudding one night and yesterday for dinner I had smoked mackerel dauphinoise.  For those of you that don't know, that means potatoes, smoked mackerel and double cream mmmmmmm...

Didn't get my whole day of housework done yesterday, instead I went on a wee tour of garden centres with my husband looking for inspiration and some kind of sculpture for the finishing off the back garden. We didn't get anything but did some good walking and managed to avoid the lovely yummy cakes at our local garden centres.

I'm off now to get some breakfast, poached eggs on toast. Hopefully I'll get some house work done today and I'll be walking my son to and from school (40 mins).

Have a great day

Luv Suz

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Housework for fitness!

So it's top to bottom housework day today, I need to catch up on everything that didn't get done when Tom was off school.  Yep the house was tidy, well some of the time, but it wasn't really clean.  Now household chores won't help you lose weight unless they are over and above your usual daily activity so I figure a whole day of going at it, is probably going to give me some benefit.

After hunting round on the web for a few minutes these are the stats I've found, courtesy of the Daily Mail.

The figures are based on doing the listed activity for 30 in a relatively vigorous manner.

So if your normal daily activity in sitting at a desk or in front of the TV, then a good day of housework could be just what you need.

Have a great day everyone and fingers crossed for weigh in day tomorrow.

Luv Suz xx

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

School holidays least until Friday

School holidays are finally over, it's time to get back into a routine.  Well at least until Friday and then it Friday off for royal wedding, Monday off for May Day and Tuesday off for teachers inservice day. Are our kids ever in school.

Term time is great for a routine, I can walk my son to and from school, have free time to exercise in peace and get on with house work another excellent method of calorie burning.

Speaking of calorie burning I've tried another new exercise DVD and this one was really fun.

Rosemary Conley - Slim N Salsacise

Less complicated than the last DVD it has about 8 main steps that are repeated through three programmes. The routines can each be done separately or all together for a super 500 cal workout.  The steps are easy there is lots of repetition early on and the dancers are all people like us...not overly graceful.

I'm giving this one 8/10 it's a great calorie burning workout particularly for those like me who are not massively coordinated.  The salsa moves are designed to tone hips, bums and waists, all it lacks is a bit more in the way of arm movements but you can make up your own.

Amazon have this on sale for £2.99 just now....which was why I bought it.

I'll be doing this one again today as it was sooo much fun.

Have a great day all, I'm off to get ready for the day ahead.

Luv Suz

Monday, 25 April 2011

Tell me what you want, what you really really want!

Happy Easter everyone, hope you all had a good weekend and weren't too tempted by the kids chocolate eggs. Unfortunately my lovely wee angel really likes to share and kept offering me some of his, and when I say offering I mean thrusting it right under my nose.  Still I'd only be cheating myself out of everything I want, so I managed to refrain. Can't say I wasn't tempted though....

In order to remind myself why I'm doing this I thought I'd post a WEE list of everything that's motivating no particular order:

  • Fed up being the short and round mum at the school gate.
  • I want to be petite not short.
  • I want to be able to shop everywhere without wondering if they have my size. 
  • No more heartburn.
  • I want to be able to run.
  • I don't want to be out of breath chasing after my son.
  • I want my wedding ring and engagement ring to fit properly again.
  • I want to have more energy and be less tired.
  • I don't want to worry about work events containing things I can't do or feel uncomfortable doing.
  • I want to feel attractive and more self confident.
  • I want to set a good example for my son.
  • I want to feel in control.
  • I want to go shopping with friends without feeling self conscious.
  • I want to go to Zumba without worrying about having a heart attack.
  • I want to go swimming without looking like a beached whale or a walrus.
  • I want to get my Christmas outfit from the Karen Millen discount shop(£40ish) rather than having to go to Monsoon (£100ish).
  • I want to reduce my risk of diabetes, heart attacks, strokes..etc
  • I want to lower my blood pressure without drugs.

I'm sure you get the idea.  Lots of the things are about being fitter and not just about weighing less.

It's the last day of the school holidays so I'm off to check everything is clean and ready for tomorrow morning.

Have a great day everyone

Luv Suz xx

Friday, 22 April 2011

An ideal Weight

Friday at last although I'm not sure why I'm happy about that as both my husband and son have been off all week for Easter so the weekend won't be any different.  Except that it's Easter and my house will now contain some chocolate eggs for my son.  Patrick (my husband) and I are both abstaining.

Last night Patrick asked me what my ideal weight would be and this got me thinking so I looked for a few websites and came across this one.

Now it is American but it's still relevant.

Here are my results

The peoples choice, which is based on a survey of people your age, height and gender
149 pounds or 10st 9  seems a lot.

Medical Recommendation based on a BMI of 16-25
102 -134 pounds or 7st 4 - 9st 8  way more realistic.

I remember being 9.5st (UKclothes Size 12-14) and I didn't feel that thin although this time that might feel really thin, at least in comparison to my current sense of giant walrus or beached whale!

Usually on a diet I'd have a look at how far away I am from my ideal, calculate the number of weeks based on 2 pounds a week and then find the date I'd be done.  This time I'm not going to do that.  As long as I keep going I'll get their eventually and changes of lifestyle are not suppose to end, only diets end!

Have a great day everyone

Luv Suz xx

Thursday, 21 April 2011

End of week 2

Yipee made it to the end of week 2 and I'm please to say I've lost 3 pounds. I'm doing a merry little jig in my seat as I type. Right now I love Paul McKenna, still there is a long long long way to go.

It's been a challenging old week.  Firstly the schools are on holiday so I'm totally out of my usual routine and my time isn't quite my own. Second I've been to both McDonalds and yesterday a surprise visit to Pizza Express, more about that in a minute.  Finally the dreaded PMS has probably caused me the most issues and I've probably still another day of it to go.

So Pizza Express

As a little surprise my lovely husband took my son and I to Pizza Express last night.  After a little research this is what I found.

Pizzas go between 740 and 1150 Kcals
Ceaser Salad 730 Kcals, not much better than my usual Pizza (Four Seasons 746 Kcals)

What I did have came from the Legera range.  These are approved of by weight watchers (13-16 points)
They are all about 500Kcals with less than 5g saturated fat.
I had the Mare e Monti which is the one  below.

It's a lot smaller than their usual pizzas which is good and the centre is removed and filled with rocket and other salad leaves.  It was very nice and I felt very full but not overly stuffed after I finished it.

Now it's onto week three, schools don't go back till Tuesday but at least the PMS can't last so things are looking up.

Have a great day
Luv Suz xx

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

PMS the killer of diets

I hate has ended many of my diets.  You are wandering along nicely being sensible with food and going to the gym and then PMS strikes.  Your suddenly tired, lack lustre, grumpy and above all you just can't seem to stop wanting food and especially chocolate.  So you indulge and then you give up, with perhaps a small sigh of relief!

Yesterday I had PMS and it was a struggle the whole day but this time I'm not giving in.  I managed not to indulge too much, just one wee packet of wholewheat crisp like things and an not bad.

I'm hoping for a better day today.  Going into Edinburgh with a friend and both our son's, lots of walking and a lot of distractions.

Tomorrow is weigh in day so fingers crossed all, I'm hoping for that 2 pounds.

Have a great day everyone,

Luv Suz

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

OMG My Legs Are Sore

Happy Tuesday everyone.

I had another good day yesterday, Paul McKenna is really working for me.  At least right up to the point where I was sitting at our table building the Millenium Falcon in Lego with my son.  Nothing wrong with Lego but it was a little dull.  My son had been nibbling on some crisp like snacks and he'd left them sitting right under my nose.  I lasted for 5 minutes then they had to go, my will power is only so strong.  Stuck them in the kitchen out of the way, much to his grumbles, but then we all have sacrifices to make.....

In other news my first exercise DVD arrived through the post yesterday morning .

So yesterday evening I thought I'd give it a go.
Happy to report it was lots of fun, but you really need to be coordinated, although like all these things I'm sure it'll get easier after a few shots.  I'd give it 7/10 the moves were lots of fun and she wasn't annoying but the music was a little lack lustre.

As for this morning all I can say is OMG my legs are sore....

I certainly feel like I've had a good workout.
Think I'll be doing a little walking today.

Hope you have a great day
Luv Suz xx

Monday, 18 April 2011

Chocolate and the Serial Dieter

Hi all it's Monday again and I'm feeling all sunny and optimistic after having a fab weekend.  McDonalds on Friday was fine, ended up with a McChicken Sandwich and then had to scrape off the mountain of mayo, but it still tasted good.  Ordered some new Dance exercise DVD's so hoping they will arrive in the next few days.

Monday is my shopping day and right now I'm very wary of being at the shops.  Asda always has lots of offers on super yummy chocolate and it really used to be my downfall.

It's not that I'm not eating chocolate now because I am.... I'd never last if I didn''s just that I've changed how I have the chocolate.

So I love all things Cadbury,s but I also like Dark Chocolate, Green & Blacks for preference and the great thing about Dark Chocolate is that even if you wanted to you just couldn't eat anywhere near as much.

Last week I picked up some G&B Maya Gold (very strong flavour) and each night as I sit down to watch a little TV  I have a cup of tea and two squares and it's enough.

18kcals per square
1.1g fat per square

Anyway I'm off for my shopping now have a good day

Luv Suz

Friday, 15 April 2011

Off to McDonalds

Hi all, I had a great day yesterday lots of housework and 40 minutes of exercise.  My stomach muscles may never forgive me for the torturous sit ups.  Last night I couldn't tell if I was hungry or just sore.

Still a bigger challenge awaits me today... lunch at McDonalds

My adorable little boy (5) and I are meeting his girlfriend (?) and her Mum for lunch at McDonalds and then a trip to the cinema.  How could I say no.

So last night I spent a good 30 minutes in the McDonalds website trying to find something that wasn't too bad. I know I'm not fat or calorie counting but I figure there are limits.  The Stats on some McDonalds foods are just horrific.

Medium Big Mac Meal with Milkshake  1245kcal and 51 grams of fat
That's what I would normally of had....

This time I'll be having
Chicken Salad Deli and a small diet coke 353kcal and 8 grams of fat
or if I can't get that
Mc Chicken sandwich and a small diet coke 388kcal and 14 grams of fat

Well keep your fingers crossed for me and I'll let you know how it goes on Monday.

Happy 'change of lifestyle'
Luv Suz

Thursday, 14 April 2011

A Dieting Milestone

Good morning all I'm feeling very happy today as I made it to the end of week1.  As many of you serial dieters will know getting past the first few days is often the hardest part.

So this week I've lost 4 pounds which seems a lot but is very normal for a first week.  After this I'm hoping for a steady 1-2 pounds per week...fingers crossed.

I had a good day yesterday, no snacking and my lovely husband didn't mind that his dinner was late while I went out for my 1hr walk.

Just a short one today as I've got mountains of housework to do...very good exercise...

Happy 'lifestyle changing'
Luv Suz

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Paul McKenna and the Death of the Roast Dinner

Hi everyone, it's a lovely day here and I'm feeling all nice and optimistic today.  I had a great day yesterday, no snacking and 30 mins+ of aerobic exercise. So far which is since last Thursday when I actually started this I have been finding the Paul McKenna method not too bad....

I love and hate Paul McKenna!!

general principles
1. Eat what you want
2. Only eat when you are hungry
3. Stop when you are full

So simple

things to help
1. Chew slowly
2. put your cutlery down in between mouthfuls

But I've tried PM before and it didn't last and here is why...

Chewing slowly really lets you taste the food you are eating.  Great you may think but I used to love mashed potatoes and now I never eat them.  If you chew mash slowly there really isn't that much flavour (unless of course you have added, butter, salt maybe a little cheese).  Mash became really unapetising.

Sunday dinners are my favourite meal of the week and here comes the biggest issue.  Stop when you are full!!!  It's amazing how little food it takes to fill you up. Less that half of my Roast Dinner, and believe me my husband makes a killer Roast Dinner.  It was quite torturous looking at all the lovely roast potatoes still there and knowing that I was already full and had to stop.

Fortunately it's heading for Summer and my son has his swimming lessons on Sunday afternoon so not much chance of any roast dinners for a good while.

On the plus side raw vegies and fruit are amazing when really savoured.

Going to stop rambling now, have a good day all, and happy 'lifestyle changing'.

Luv Suz

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Where to Begin?

So I'm 37 now and I never imagined at this age I'd still be overweight, and I'm seriously overweight.  Even though it'll be painful to admit this I'm 15 stone 4 pounds.

I've been dieting on and off for the last 18 years and like most yoyo dieters I've just gotten fatter and fatter.

I've tried lots of diets, no not the silly ones like the cabbage soup diet or Atkins but Scottish Slimmers, a raft of Weight Watchers diets and even Paul McKenna (probably the easiest diet).

This is going to be my last diet, or maybe it's more of a 'change of lifestyle' than a diet. These are words my husband has heard me say before...

I should probably say I like food.  No I love food.  Food for celebrations, food for boredom, food for sadness, food for food could say my relationship with food is obsessive and this would still be an understatement.

So that's the past what about the plan...


1. Follow the principles of Paul McKenna 'I can make you thin'
2. Do 1 hr of vigorous walking or 30 minutes or aerobic exorcise 5 times a week
3. Daily posts to keep me honest!  (if your a serial dieter too you'll know what I'm talking about)

Fingers crossed...