Monday, 6 June 2011

Maybe Running Wasn't The Best Idea!

Morning all, it's Monday again and I'm going to conclude that I'm falling apart, all this exercise is hazardous stuff.

On Sunday we took my wee boy out for a lovely long walk, or that was the plan.  Trouble was he kept getting bored, so to move him along we decided to have some races along the way.  You know the kind of thing, first one to the next tree wins.  It was quite a lot of fun at first.  I haven't run in ages and I was surprised that I wasn't more out of breath.  I was a little out of breath, I am still 6 stone overweight even if I am feeling more energetic.

We were moving along quite nicely but the races were getting further and further and I was starting to get a little tired.  My son of course could hardly run for laughing or for trying to cheat and run in front of me.  It was the running in front that did it, I had to shorten my stride really quickly or I'd have gone right over the top of him, but in doing so I pulled a wee muscle between my shoulder blades.


I have Salsacise planned for today so I hope it's going to help.

On a different matter I've been taking the Acai Berry for 4 days now, so here are some observations.

  • No impact on appetite what so ever, if anything I've been struggling not to snack.
  • No massive increase in energy.
  • I did a mid week weigh in this morning and I'm still the same weight.
  • No improvement to Skin or Hair condition.
  • No weird side effects yet.

It's early days but I'd say that the sensationalist claims of losing masses of weight in a short period of time are probably not true.  There's still  3 weeks to go  so we'll see if it improves.

Have a great day everyone

Luv Suz xx


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