Thursday, 2 June 2011

End of Week 8 and the start of an experiment.

Well that's 2 months gone and I'm another pound down this morning, yippee.  So even after a bad week of puddings and snacking three days of good exercise saves the day.

After having such an early rush on the pounds falling off some people, including me in the past, would be disappointed that the last few weeks have been a little on the low side. Yes I'd like to be thin as soon as possible but I guess what I really want is for this to come off and stay off.

If you go to a class for weight loss they recommend 1-2 pounds a week, if you go to the doctors they recommend 1-2 pounds every fortnight, so I'm quite happy.

No exercise today other than housework and the walk to school, my not so wee body needs a rest from the salsa.

I am going to start on an experiment.  Weight Loss pills are all over the papers and the internet but I never believe the kind of things they are promising.  I'm going to skip on the most sensationalist claims and try some of the over the counter ones that any of us can pick up easily.

My chosen subjects are..

Acai Berry 2000mg

funny that they all start with A.

The plan.

Now I'm past the initial high loss stages lets see how each of these does on a normal week to week basis.  I'm going to try each one for a month and we'll see if they make a difference, I'm not holding out much hope but lets see.  I'll be looking at weight loss results, affects on hunger and general health.  Not very scientific, I know.

So up this Month is the Acai Berry, referred to by the media as a 'Super Food' it's essentially an antioxidant but has been tauted as a weight loss aid along with a million and one other things.  If you see this advertised on the internet along with a Colon Cleanser be very wary this is apparently a scam.  I bought mine from Healthspan where I've gotten other supplements before.

So fingers crossed all and I'll let you know how it's going.

Have a great week
Luv Suz xx


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