Tuesday, 7 June 2011

What to Wear - it's really quite exciting...

Hi all, I had a great day yesterday, no snacking, loads and loads of lovely fruit and veg and the Salsacise has really helped the sore muscle in my back.  Even though it's a miserable damp day today I'm still feeling all happy and smiley.

In just under two weeks I'm off into Edinburgh for a school mums night out.  I'm quite looking forward to it, dinner, chat with some really great people, and best of all dancing.  I love dancing, I'm not brilliant at it but I really love it, and the cheesier the music the better, ABBA, Queen you know the stuff....

Now as a non thin person who has never had a stable weight going out can be a bit tricky in the clothes department.

If you are a thinny (lucky you) you'll not be thinking too much about what you are going to wear.  You'll just reach into your closet on the day and grab some jeans and a fab top that you've probably had for years and you'll be set.

Us fatty's usually start thinking about what they are going to wear a bit further in advance.  Off to the wardrobe we trot.  We have mountains of clothes and over half of it probably doesn't fit.  It's a long search to hopefully find something that fits and is right for the night out.

So with just under two weeks to go I thought I better have a wee thought about what to wear.  Now I don't get out dancing a lot so I'm not really sure, but I think I'm favouring a pear of jeans, a top of some sort (??????) and my strappy sandles.  The top I had in mind unfortunately, or not, is now too baggy so I'll have to search a little further.  Much to my joy I found a great pair of dark denims that I think only got worn once and even better they fit.  I'm sooooo happy.

I did come across a really nice Jasper Conran dress I got in the sale one year.  Never been worn, white and Navy stripes, low V neck , but I'm just not sure if I'm ready to leave the comfort of my jeans.  My mum is visiting today so I'll get her opinion.

Hopefully we'll also have time to search through my many other clothes to find a nice going out top, because I really don't want to buy anything.  Although I could be persuaded to have a wee trip into Edinburgh to visit the Pepperberry shop, but I fell this might be an expensive night out already.

Don't get me wrong I'm not complaining, I love trying on clothes, I like it even better now things fit better, it's really quite exciting looking to see what fits, and finding that odd little thing you'd forgotten about...

Well everyone, have a great day.

Luv Suz xx


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