Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Good Reasons for Breakfast

Morning all, it's a dull day here in Livingston but I'm feeling reasonably happy, I had another good day yesterday, good food, no snacking and another hour of salsacise.

Only my sore tooth was a let down.  For the curious among you, I've been and registered with a Dentist, I've got an appointment for next week.  Think I can hang on to then, I really don't want to go to the emergency centre.

I'm having cereal for breakfast today as I've no time to make some yummy eggs, maybe tomorrow.  I used to skip breakfast but now I make an extra special effort to have some. I don't skimp on breakfast either, some cereal, some fruit a cup of tea or maybe some poached eggs on toast with some smoothie and it seems to be helping. I had a wee fish around on the internet and here are some good reasons to eat breakfast.

  • Stops you feeling ravenous and indulging in the mid morning snack attack. (I find this is true)
  • Skipping breakfast prolongs the bodies fasting and can increase the production of insulin which helps in the storage of fat.
  • Your metabolism slows down as you sleep at night and breakfast kick starts it.
  • Provides you energy right at the start of the day and studies apparently show that if you feel active in the morning you are more likely to be active during the day. (I'd agree with this as well)
  • It improves your concentration.
  • Studies indicate that if you start with a healthy breakfast you are more likely to choose healthy food during the day.  (lets hope)
So even if you are rushing out the door to work and don't have time for breakfast grab some fruit and break your fast, or just get up earlier!

Have a great day

Luv Suz xx


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