Monday, 13 June 2011

This is How Diets Can Just Fade Away!

Morning all, it's Monday again and this Monday I'm feeling a little annoyed with myself.  I seem to have gotten into the habit of not being so good on Thursday and Friday and then making it up the rest of the week.  Well it's spreading to the weekend.  This is how diets can just fade away and I'm not standing for it..... It's not that the weight isn't coming off but it's a slippery slope...

It's back to basics time.

I'm going to keep a food diary for the next few weeks.  It's funny how the thought of having to write down a snack puts you off eating it.  No one wants to admit when they've done something they shouldn't.

I had a long chat with my mum, she's always full of good advice and she knows me inside out.  We were discussing what happens when you have a day where everything goes all to hell and you just eat and eat and eat.  In that case you just pick yourself up and write off that day and probably that week, forgive yourself and move on.  What happens when it's not one really bad day but a succession of not quite so good days, what then.

Off to the Shops.

So on Tuesday I'm going off to the shops, there's a dual purpose, I'm treating myself to a top for the mum's night out and shopping tends to make me a little unhappy as things don't fit properly.  Not a reach for the chocolate unhappy but an I'm going to do something about this not happy.  Lets hope....

Failing that it'll be time for another picture, I'm not remotely photogenic and the extra weight makes it worse  I hate having my picture taken but a picture is a good way of seeing what you really look like...time to face the truth...there's a long way to go.

Have a good day everyone, I'll be trying too..

Luv Suz xx


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