Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Walking, Walking and More Walking

What a great day I had yesterday, the weather was gorgeous, I didn't eat too much and I did loads and loads of walking.

You'll note on my exercise tracker (right hand side) that I've recorded how far I walked, although that wasn't the final total(7 miles) for the day  just the faster walking in the morning.  I've found this brilliant website that you can use to track your routes and it'll tell you how far you've walked.

So now I know that from my house the round trip to school and back is roughly 1.27 miles so just doing that twice a day is great.

The website is free to use and because I'm quite sad I have to admit it's quite fun.  I spent ages last night mapping out new walking routes to see how far they were.

What I do need to do is set up a 'walking' play list for my ipod.  It's very distracting when your marching along nicely and Queen's 'Don't Stop Me Now' is replaced by Westlife singing 'When I'm with You' and your great pace stutters down to a mere amble in time with the new beat.

So while it's Summer I'm going to take advantage of the chance to get out and walk.  In fact we're walking to school this morning.

Have a great day all, enjoy the sunshine and fingers crossed for tomorrow.

Luv Suz xx



Walking gives you blisters, whopping great big blisters. Mum

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