Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The Coming Summer

Hi all it's another gorgeous day outside, and it's turned my thoughts to summer and my regular dread about summer clothes.

Winter is great, big baggy jumpers can cover many things, spare tyre, podgy arms etc. but summer clothes are way less concealing.

Now this summer, if it comes at all, is probably only a month or two off, not far enough away to make a big dent in either the spare tyre or the podgy arms.  So as usual it will be out with the baggy cropped trousers or the wide legged linen trousers, teamed up with long sleeved baggy tunic tops.  Yes I'll feel cool but when everyone else is gadding about in tight crops and strappy tops it's likely I'll be heaving a great sigh....

But this is good.  One of the worst diet killers is contentment.  You start off miserable and determined then as time goes on and your getting a bit of room in your jeans and starting to feel a bit better about yourself the motivation trickles away and your not being as careful and not following all the rules.  It's not been long enough to have really changed your relationship with food so nothing else changes and within a few months your right back where you started.

So this summer, when I'm looking enviously at other people, I'll be reminding myself exactly why I'm doing this and fortifying my motivation for a few more months.

So with that in mind I'm adding a new point to my 'What I Want List'

  • I want to wear strappy summer tops and look good.

Have a great day

Luv Suz xx


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