Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Food Shopping..the hell of temptation....

Hi all, I had a good day yesterday but Mondays are food shopping day and for me it's a trial.

When I was a working mum, we food shopped as a family at the weekend.  When someone else is with you it's really hard to be overly indulgent.  Not impossible but hard.

When I gave up work I thought this was my chance to get back on the right track.  I'd have time to cook and plan meals better, time to shop with care, time for exercise, time for me.

 I'd like to say that's what happened but actually it was more like this.
I had time to plan meals and puddings, got quite a bit of baking done, practiced making tablet ( mainly sugar and condensed milk). I had time to wander round the shops and see all the bargains and it's amazing how many things that are not good for you are on special offer.  I was also free to buy what I liked.  I mean it doesn't count if nobody sees you eating it, right!!  I also had time to catch up on my movie watching at home in the peace and quiet.  So I shopped indulgently then I sat and ate food.  If you could call M&M's and cheese puffs food.

Not that things were brilliant before I stopped work, too much take away and convenience food.  Plus the snack shop at work, and boy is stress a good excuse for comfort food.

I like to think things have changed...I'm really trying hard to change my relationship with food.  Although current theory does suggest that in times of high stress people will revert back to early habits...(can't wait for my mother in law to visit to test this theory).  I'm actually using my time to get some exercise and saving the movies for when I'm ironing or just after exercise when I'm knackered.

Shopping is still hell, the super markets are choc full of fattening calorie laden goodies.  Think I should think about shopping on line!

Food consumed yesterday.

2 Slices of toast with nutella
Glass of Fruit Juice
Finger roll filled with camembert, salad  and Branston Pickle
Two Petits Filous ‘Little Dessert’
Oven cooked Salmon in Chinese marinade with rice and steamed vegetables. (Yum yum yum. Tasty and good for you)
Strawberry Cornetto

So despite the temptation all went least this time...

Have a great day.


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