Monday, 23 May 2011

Wedding Anniversary Weekend

Another weekend over and it's Monday again, but surprise surprise it's another school holiday...

We'll it was a very mixed weekend, Sunday was my wedding anniversary (8yrs) but we decided to go out on Saturday night for a wee celebration.  As I knew we were going out for a special dinner I wanted to make sure I had done some serious exercise. So we had a two hour walk in the morning and then mid after noon I did an hour of really energetic salsacising.  As for the dinner itself...oh dear....

We went to Tony Macaroni's in Livingston.  It has an Italian American feel. The food was very very nice but there was just far too much of it.  I had planned to have a main and a pudding but my husband wanted a starter and a we had all three..not very wise.

For starter I had Brusheta topped with Goats Cheese, Onion Marmalade and Rocket.  If I'd eaten all of it I wouldn't have needed anything else.
For my main I had a very nice Risotto with mushrooms, tomatoes and Italian was gorgeous but again it was massive, I had about half.
After feeling very full, I decided against all my common sense to have a pudding.  Cheese cake was my choice and it was very delicious, but after it I thought my stomach might just explode. Lesson to be learned,  order less food!

Sunday was a much quieter day, it was poring of rain, so no walking and I just couldn't get peace to get in any  exercise, always a problem when you have guests and there's a three hour Grand Prix on.  A lot less food on Sunday and even though my husband made one of his amazing roast dinners I was still feeling quite bloated so I was very restrained.

I'm off food shopping this morning then I'm hoping to get in a little salsaing.

Have a great day.

Suz xx


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