Tuesday, 24 May 2011

What a Storm

Hi all, what a day yesterday was, I thought the conservatory was going to blow away at one point.  Fortunately we have been very lucky and there is no real damage.  My poor wee tree was just about bent double and now it has a decided lean to it.  A good few of my plants have been flattened but all in all the house is still standing and the roof is intact.

It wasn't too bad a day for the diet.  Got out food shopping in the morning, came home and did an hour of really energetic Salsa again and then in the afternoon went out for a wee walk.  Felt somewhat nibbley during the day so I had a little popcorn and a few grapes.

The walk was a bit of a mistake...

It was gorgeously sunny when we left the house and the wind wasn't too bad, but as this is Scotland it didn't last.  As we turned to head back towards the house the wind got much worse.  We had two choices, walk directly into the wind or walk back through the woods.  We chose to go back through the woods, so it's not surprising that I got thumped with a falling branch.  Only a slight bruise as it wasn't a big branch, although it felt massive at the time.

It's less windy today and I'm taking my mother in law off to the garden centre for morning coffee.  Just have to see if I can avoid the cakes, or I could have one and do some more exercise today....choices, choices....

Have a great day.

Luv Suz xx


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