Wednesday, 4 May 2011

For the love of chocolate...

Morning all, it's another gloriously sunny day which is great as I'm off into Edinburgh today to wander round the shops looking at the new summer fashions and then meet some friends for a wee spot of lunch.

I had a good day yesterday no snacking and no urge to snack.  This is amazing as my son has been leaving chocolate Easter egg lying around on my living room table.  I was just sitting down to watch 'Glee' last night when I caught sight of it. Now previously I'd be thinking "mmmmm chocolate, wonder if we have any in the cupboard" but instead I thought "look at the mess, wish he'd be a little more tidy".

I've never not loved chocolate so this is strange for me but I think I might actually be losing interest in milk chocolate, and Easter egg chocolate is never that great anyway.  I would want to clarify that I'm still having the occasional two squares of Green and Black's 'Maya Gold', an excellent quality dark chocolate.

There is however one thing I am missing.  I used to do a lot of home baking and since I started this I haven't done any.  Mostly I'm afraid that I won't be able to resist the fresh, warm cakey smells, but maybe if I can resist milk chocolate there might be some hope.

Have a great day all and fingers crossed for weigh in day tomorrow.

Luv Suz xx


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