Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Why am I freezing.....

Morning all, had a good day yesterday, no snacking, good meals and 4 of my 5 a day, spent most of the day on my feet moving and then did an hour of vigorous house work in the evening.  Big thumbs up..

I have however noticed one thing.  I'm freezing.

I've never been a really warm person but since I started all this I've been feeling particularly cold.  I can only guess that my body is having a few wee issues in adjusting to the lack of readily available sugar in my blood.  It certainly can't be my circulation, not with all this exercise.  Think I'll need to get a pair of giant fluffy socks for my poor wee feet and some gloves as well.  Not a good look in May.  Still  Zumba tomorrow night so that should really warm me up.

Anyway lots to do today, my mother in law is due to arrive Friday morning so I've the house to get ship shape, all the little jobs that I've been putting off...Window cleaning, floor scrubbing (that's on hands and knees and not with a mop) etc.  I've also some Salsaing to fit in.

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Have a great day all and fingers crossed for tomorrow.

Luv Suz xx


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