Thursday, 9 June 2011

End of Week 9

Yipee I'm now 13 something.... well 13st 13 to be specific but still 13 something, very happy.  It's a 2 pound loss this week which is great.  Still moving in the right direction and heading towards my second stone and my BMI is down another point.  Now all I need is a trip to the doctors to check on the cholesterol and the blood pressure, must give them a call today.

Spent yesterday looking through some of my old going out clothes and I have to conclude that I was mostly a size 16(UK) when I was in that phase.  So nothing in my wardrobe is going to do for the mums night out, all still too small.  Although I was handed a flyer yesterday and we're not going into Edinburgh now but are having cocktails at the local cricket club, with an encouraging note suggestion we could wear cocktail dresses.  Great I thought, I've got one of those, I'm sure it'll fit again...

Well not quite.  In fact it was too big, not by much, but just enough to look wrong.  It's a lovely silk, black and white strappless 3/4 length dress.  Fitted over the bust and then it flares out, a very good shape on me.  It's the chest part that's too big, it wouldn't fall down but it's not sitting where it's suppose to either.  I even tried it with the straps on but it just didn't sit right, and to top it off my strapless bra is now also too big....  Normally I'd be jumping for joy but I love this dress.  I'm going to keep it and once I settle on a size I'll get it altered.

So I'll have to have some other thoughts for the night out, although as we are not going into Edinburgh now it'll be a lot cheaper so I might just buy something new.  I think I'll try the Livi Retail Outlet (home of cheap designer ish gear) you never know what you are going to find.....

Have a great day everyone.

Luc Suz xx



Well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'll wish you luck finding something new. Hugz, Mum

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