Monday, 16 May 2011

Zumba - oh what a night!

Hi all, we're back, apologies for there being no blog on Friday but the blogger update facility was down.  :0(

It's Monday and as I sit here typing I'm aware my shoulder is a little stiff.  Certainly not from salsaing.

On Saturday I took part, along with many fab ladies, in a Zumba Charity night.  How bad could it be, it'll only be an hour, right.  Wrong....  Nearly two hours of Zumba, something I've never done, and I was fit to drop.  Of course I did get through the two hours which was more than some people (the sensible ones).  Here are a few pics from the night.

The Main Torturer Sandra Harnes and a very knackered me.

My new friend Lorraine Farmer, Zumba coach extraordinaire.

Morag and Ali - two very energetic participants, enjoying a little post Zumba refresher.

Still it wasn't all pain, along with a massive sense of achievement, a wee bottle of Brothers Stawberry Mixed Pear Cider (yum yum) and some great chat with some of my fellow school mums (super friends all), I won a prize in the raffle.

Guess What  - 5 Free Zumba classes with the lovely Lorraine. She's mental...

Zumba is great fun and if your uncoordinated like me it really doesn't matter.  I'd highly recommend it for super calorie burning.  One thought only.  If you are unfit like me stick to the lower impact version, if your totally out of breath your not burning fat just the sugar in your blood!

So after so much Zumba, I thought I'd have a wee haggis supper on Sunday.  I didn't have too much and stopped when I was full.  Wish I hadn't bothered...stomach still feels funny...

I'm hoping for a better day today, a little light salsa should loosen off my shoulder nicely and some lovely healthy fruit and veg should help my poor tummy.

Have a great day all.

Luv Suz xx



Great photo's, now I can put faces to names. Hugz, Mum

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